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Women feel loved when they are pampered. But just because she is your wife doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to be pampered anymore. Make her feel special on this Valentine’s Day by reminding her all the reasons why you married her. The smile on her face will be priceless.

For the bracelet lover

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but if you can't afford diamonds, this bracelet is your best bet. Studded with Swarovski crystal hearts, and inspired by jewellery from times before, it also comes pre-wrapped -- one less thing to worry about. With its elegant, feminine design, it'll be a great addition to any woman's jewellery box.

2. Victoria’s Secret Pebbled V-Quilt Everything Tote
Best for the wife who can never have too many bags

A woman can never have too many bags. This one is a classic tote perfect for fitting anything and everything she needs. Get her this one in black so she won’t have a problem matching it with all her clothing. 

She may be tired of all the accessories she has, so it’s nice to buy her a new pair of silver anklets. The crystal blue hearts will leave her legs sparkling. 

For the sleeping beauty
4. Personalized throw pillows
Best for the sleeping beauty

Print a picture of yourself onto this personalized throw pillow so she’ll always have you by her side (nope, not creepy at all)! Alternatively, you could substitute a picture of yourself with a picture of the both of you instead.

Best romantic getaway

When was the last time you took her on a romantic getaway? A 3-hour sunset cruise at Port Dickson sounds perfect if you don’t want to head anywhere too far. You can bond and catch up with each other while watching the sunset, or simply just gaze into each other’s eyes throughout the cruise.

She is always looking for something to wear on a date with you, so surprise her by leaving this dress on her bed with a romantic note for a date. Expect her to go head over heels once she lays eyes on this dress!

Best for the wanderlust
7. Scratch Travel World Map
Best for the wanderlust

If travelling is one of her goals, then this would be the best gift for her. This scratch travel world map allows her to scratch off all the countries she has already visited. She’ll also probably be excited to plan her next trip, so be prepped!

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Love love love! This Valentine’s day, express your love to her by giving her a heart-shaped pendant necklace. She can wear it daily to work or just at home.

This 7-in-1 Yoga set is ideal for any woman who wants to begin Yoga. It has everything she requires from a mat to a dumbbell and comes in a pink or purple colour.

Best for the lady with a sweet tooth
10. Love artisan Chocolatier
Best for the lady with a sweet tooth

Who doesn’t love chocolates? This Valentine’s Day, communicate your love to her by sending a personalized message in the shape of chocolates!

Voted the Best Perfume for Women on, YSL Black Opium is probably something she’s been coveting the past year. A white coffee fragrance great for nights out to weddings, ballroom events or simply on a date night out with you. Just looking at its black starry bottle is enough to let you live the night.

Best for the lipstick addict
12. Dangerous Retro Matte Lipstick
Best for the lipstick addict

Every woman loves to put on some lipstick. Dangerous is the perfect shade of red that matches any outfit and is suitable for any occasion. Woo her with a dangerous lipstick.

13. Anker 13000mAh Portable Power Bank with Voltage Boost
Best for the one who's in need of more phone power

We all know how it feels when we have low battery, especially when travelling. This portable charger can charge all kinds of phones and comes with an 18-month warranty. A dry phone will be the least of her worries now – time to take those selfies!

Best for the bookworm
14. After You by Jojo Moyes
Best for the bookworm

If the movie ‘Me before You’ was her favourite movie last year, we’re pretty sure she must have read the book as well. Get her the sequel, ‘After You’ (before the movie releases) and she will surely be impressed.

For the adventurer
15. Naturehike Outdoor Hammock
Best for the adventurous one

This Valentine’s Day, bring her into the forest or up into the mountains for an adventure she’ll never forget. Make it all the more romantic with this double hammock the both of you can spend time together in.

Best for the wifey who needs a break

Every wife needs a break from her daily schedule. So why not take her to a spa and let herself be pampered to a full body massage? Moreover, you can both spend some time relaxing together.

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For the one who is sentimental
17. Vaxbo Photo Collage frame for 8 photos
Best for the one who is sentimental

Buying a photo collage can never go wrong. Every girl loves to have a photo frame with the best pictures near her dressing table or on the wall. Gift her this 8-photo collage frame with amazing pictures of both of you so she can personalize and preserve her favourite memories of you both.

For the aspiring chef
18. Nicer Dicer Plus
Best for the aspiring chef

Cooking is easy but it’s the prepping and washing up later which is a huge turn-off. This Nicer Dicer is one genius slicing device that can dice all kinds of vegetables, fruits and cheese in any shape and size. It also comes with an easy to remove top part which has a self-cleaning function. She’ll thank you for it.

For the budding guitarist
19. Yamaha Classical Guitar C70
Best for the budding guitarist

Was her new year resolution to pick up a musical instrument? Support her by getting her a classical guitar to hone her new skill - you’ll never know that she may be talented in music!

Only a true writer would know the value of a journal. Let her pen down her thoughts, organize her daily routine or simply scribble in it.

Best gift for the artist

Unleash her creative side by getting her a 30-piece watercolour set. Besides, you can do some painting together for fun too.

22. Fresh Mask Travel Kit
Best gift for the frequent traveller

If she is a frequent traveller, she knows the hustle of packing and squeezing everything into a small suitcase. Sephora Favorite’s The Ultimate Travel Bag Set has 12 different products for the face, body and hair which will surely come in handy when she travels.

23. Blackmores Bio C x2
Best for the one in need of some Vitamin C

Go through a day without stress with Blackmores’ Bio C vitamins. Work and your lifestyle choices can put your body in danger, so it’s best to guard and strengthen it. This product is constructed with citrus bioflavonoids extract to help enhance the absorption and utilization of Vitamin C.

For the health-conscious
24. Tesco Super Berry Granola
Best for the health-conscious one

Motivate her to keep herself in shape by getting her a pack of Tesco’s Superberry Granola. It contains cranberries, sunflower seeds, coconut, pumpkin seeds and dried fruits – a really good source of fibre (and suitable for vegetarians too)!

If you send her flowers often and she doesn’t have a place to display them, a vase would be a good idea. Its silver coating would brighten up any room and allow the flowers to stand out as well.

Is baking her hobby? Or has she always wanted to learn baking? Gift her this set of baking supplies so that she can bake her favourite cakes. The set comes with 12 different nozzles, 2 kit couplers, 1 silicone bag, 10 baking bags and a leaf tip.

If she loves to drink, get her this Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator equipped with LED. We’d suggest you plan a candle-lit dinner at home this Valentine’s and pop open a bottle of wine.

Every makeup lover knows the value of make-up brushes. Although she may have a collection of brushes, there is always one brush that goes missing. This makeup brush set will take her makeup application to the next level. She will go crazy when she sees it.

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