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Gone are the days when eyeliners from the drugstore are bad in quality and unpigmented. Today, drugstores are loaded with cheap, good finds that work as well as the expensive makeup from department stores.

When it comes to eyeliner, there are good options that can help you perfect that wing. Not sure where to start? Here we have compiled a list of the best eyeliners you can easily get from drugstores.

What is the best drugstore eyeliner?

A drugstore's jam-packed beauty aisle can make eyeliner hunting pretty intimidating. For Asian brand options, you can't go wrong with Clio, Kiss Me Heroine Make, Koji and Kate. If you'd like to go international, then eye on products from Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon, Rimmel and Milani. These brands have proven their worth again and again with their selection of good quality makeup products.

Best for watery eyes and oily lids
Kiss Me
1. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
Best drugstore waterproof liquid eyeliner

Whether it’s tears, sweat or rain, the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner has got your back. This waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner keeps your winged liner perfectly sharp all day long. It also comes with an ultra-precise tip of 0.1mm to create the most precise and intricate lines.

2. Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Liquid Liner
Best overall drugstore smudge proof eyeliner

When it comes to drugstore brands, Maybelline will never let you down. One of their best-selling products, the waterproof and smudge-proof Hypersharp Power Black Eyeliner is the perfect tool for creating bold and sexy cat eyes. The black pigmentation, coupled with the 0.05mm fine tip is what makes this eyeliner perfect for creating any look.

Best drugstore eyeliner pencil for waterline & tightlining
3. Milani Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Best drugstore eyeliner pencil for waterline & tightlining

Got watery eyes? Fret not! The Milani Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil has a strong waterproof gel formula that can hold up against sweat, tears and humid weather. The creamy and pigmented texture allows it to glide smoothly, which makes it the perfect eyeliner for tightlining your waterline.

Best drugstore glitter eyeliner
L’Oreal Paris
4. L’Oreal Glitter Paris Disc Eyeliner
Best drugstore glitter eyeliner

There’s no better way to add some flair and glam to your final eye look than with L’Oreal’s Glitter Paris Disc Eyeliner. Despite being a glitter liner, the smooth consistency makes it glide onto your skin easily without any fallout. It can be used to create a glittery winged liner, an eyelid topper or cut crease liner.

Best drugstore felt tip brown eyeliner
Wet n Wild
5. Wet n Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner Dark Brown
Best drugstore felt tip brown eyeliner

If you’re still trying to master winged liner, it’s good to start with eyeliners with a felt tip. One such product, the Wet n Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner, comes with a beginner-friendly felt tip marker brush for a more precise and easy application. Quick-drying, easy to control and long-wearing, you’ll become a cat-eye pro in no time!

Best drugstore gel eyeliner
6. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
Drugstore oil-free gel eyeliner for eyelash extensions

If you have eyelash extensions, it’s important to use oil-free eye makeup to ensure your extensions last. You can have both your lash extensions and bold cat-eye with Maybelline’s Drama Gel Liner. The oil-free formula is also smudge-proof, waterproof and long-lasting so you can slay all day.

Best drugstore black eyeliner pen
7. Essence Superfine Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Best drugstore black eyeliner pen

Does your eyeliner smear at every chance it gets? What you need is Essence’s Superfine Waterproof Eyeliner Pen for a winged liner that stays flawless. Just like the name suggests, it has a superfine brush tip and waterproof formula to ensure your eyeliner doesn’t fade or smudge throughout the day.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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