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You may not think about it, but with the help of the right nail glue, your acrylic nails and art will stay on for a long time, as if you’ve just gotten a fresh manicure even if it has been 2 weeks.

Is super glue and nail glue the same?

Superglue and nail glue contains the same active ingredient, which is cyanoacrylate. You can use superglue to repair a broken nail, but if you’re using acrylic nails, we recommend that you stick to nail glue. Always use nail glue to adhere fake nails to your natural nail as it is designed for that purpose and has ingredients to protect your natural nails from damage as well. 

Here are the best nail glues we recommend!

1. SuperNail Stick It Brush-On Nail Glue

Best nail glue for fake/ false/ acrylic nails

Price from RM55.00

SuperNail Stick It Brush-on nail glue claims to be a super-fast dry nail glue, so put it to the test today! We recommended this glue for acrylic nails; it lasts longer than your usual nail glue and stays on strong throughout the day. Best of all, you wouldn’t need to slather too much product for maximum effect!

2. Double-sided Fake Nail Glue (Clear)

Best nail glue for press-on nails

Price from RM2.00

We don’t paint our nails anymore; we stick full fake nails on. If you’re especially a beginner and want to DIY with press-on nails, this double-sided fake nail glue might be a better choice than liquid one. Just press it onto your nail bed, peel off the plastic and stick your press-on nails after. How easy is that?

3. Mxlady Brush On Nail Glue

Best brush-on nail glue

Price from RM38.00

Are you a perfectionist and want that extreme precision when it comes to your nails? You can achieve it with Mxlady brush on nail glue. Coat your nails like you would with an ordinary nail polish and then cover it with fake nails, acrylic powder, glitter, foil stickers, gemstones or anything else. You name it!

4. MXBON Nail Glue

Best professional nail glue

Price from RM15.90

Want a nail glue for both home and professional use? This nail glue has a brush to made application easy and effortless for both beginners and nail artists alike. It’s great for nail art decoration and is suitable on both natural and acrylic nails.

You can use any nail glue that contains cyanoacrylates with acrylic powder. But we recommend giving this nail glue a try! Cheap and easy to use, just coat your whole nail evenly with the glue and immerse it into the acrylic powder.

6. Pro Nail Art Glue for Foil Stickers

Best nail glue for foil

Price from RM6.00

Interested in creating foil art nails? Achieve beautiful foil nail art with this glue! Just apply some glue (scarcely) onto your nail bed with its brush. Then, press the foil sticker onto them and remove after you’ve neatly pressed it on. The foil will stick to wherever you’ve applied the glue. Voila, all done!

7. Super Sticky Rhinestone Glue

Best nail glue for rhinestones and gems

Price from RM3.90

It’s definitely hard to resist some good bling on your nails. If you’d like your rhinestones and gems to stick onto your nails longer, try this super sticky rhinestone glue! Odour-free and non-toxic, it’s safe to be used on natural nails as well as artificial nails.

8. Double-sided Fake Nail Glue

Best nail glue for natural nails

Price from RM1.35

You’re not alone, everyone has the same fear of peeling fake nails off natural nails painfully. Therefore, why not opt for this double-sided fake nail glue? It’s easy to stick on and peel off, and you can change your acrylic nails as often as you’d like.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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