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Acne typically happens when your pores are stuffed with oil and dead skin cells. Besides, your diet, stress level, hormones, and medications, could also be a culprit behind those flared-up bumps on your skin. If your condition is severe, you should always consult a dermatologist instead. Meanwhile, check out some of these acne scar treatment products that can also help you overcome this battle.

1. Pyunkang Yul Acne Facial Cleanser 120ml

Best acne cleanser for sensitive skin

Price from RM26.50

Pyunkang Yul Acne Line’s facial cleanser is specially made to eliminate dead skin cells and sebum waste on your skin surface. It can deep cleanse your pores, killing bacteria that causes breakouts and inflammation.

With its oriental medicine inheritance, this cleanser will help regenerate your skin layers as well. Additionally, this cleansing gel creates very light and fine bubbles, so it will not irritate your sensitive skin.

2. Aiken Tea Tree Oil

Best acne treatment for adults - suitable for dry skin

Price from RM16.23

shopping_cart Watsons Malaysia RM16.23

Many over-the-counter acne treatment products tend to dry your skin further due to their ingredients. However, Aiken Tea Tree Oil has terrific anti-acne properties like antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. Besides, it will not dry your skin out.

3. The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane

Best hormonal acne treatment

Price from RM48.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM48.00

The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalene serum is a water-free solution. It's recommended to use their Granactive Retinoid 2% if you are prone to irritated skin. Do note that you'll need to use sun protection after applying retinoid.

4. Biosulphur Medicated Soap

Best for fungal infection

Price from RM7.88

shopping_cart Watsons Malaysia RM7.88 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM8.00

Creams and cleansers with Zinc or Sulphur can clear fungal acne, like this Biosulphur Medicated Soap. It's formulated with active ingredients like 1.5% of Biosulphur and 2% Salicylic Acid that can relieve fungal-infected skins. This bar soap is suitable for normal to oily skin types.

5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash

Best back acne treatment

Price from RM46.00

shopping_cart Zalora Malaysia RM46.00 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM46.00

Overcome your back-acne problems with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash. It has Tea Tree Oil as its primary ingredient to purify your skin from gunk buildup. Additionally, this body wash is soap-free, so it's suitable for dry skin too. Above all, do note that it's also crucial to adopt a hygienic habit when you're trying to get clear skin.

6. OXY 10 Acne Treatment

Best drugstore acne treatment - suitable for teenage girls

Price from RM24.00

shopping_cart Watsons Malaysia RM24.00

The Oxy 10 Acne Treatment cream contains 10% of Benzoyl Peroxide to cure breakouts. This cream can be slightly drying on normal to combination skin, but it’s highly recommended if you have oily, acne-prone skin. Remember to moisturise after applying the Oxy 10 to keep your skin hydrated.

7. HIMALAYA Acne-n-Pimple Cream 30g

Best acne treatment cream - suitable for sensitive skin

Price from RM26.12

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM26.12

Himalaya’s Acne & Pimple Cream is enriched with wholesome ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. The star of this cream is none other than Silk Cotton Tree, which has a considerable amount of astringent and cooling properties. Acne-treatment aside, this cream can help prevent future breakouts as well.

8. Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum

Best acne treatment for pregnancy

Price from RM42.00

shopping_cart Sephora Malaysia RM42.00
add_circle Soothing
add_circle Scent-free
remove_circle Doesn't absorb easily into the skin

Mario Badescu's Anti Acne Serum is a lightweight and non-drying gel formula. It contains mainly Salicylic Acid to inhibit bacteria from causing an acne epidemic and is 100% pregnancy-safe. Fret not as topical treatments like Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Benzoyl Peroxide are safe if you're expecting.

9. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Best acne spot treatment - suitable for combination skin

Price from RM36.00

shopping_cart Sephora Malaysia RM36.00

Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion can destroy acne overnight. First off, do not shake the bottle. Then you will need a cotton bud; coat it with the pink sediment right at the bottom. Gently dab it onto affected areas and sleep with it.

10. Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask

Best cystic acne treatment

Price from RM46.00

shopping_cart Sephora Malaysia RM46.00

Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask will help draw out impurities from your skin. It can also remove toxins from deep within the layers of your skin. Moreover, this mask also helps accelerate post-acne healing.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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