Unsure if your face is dry or oily? Or did you notice that you are slightly oily on the T-zone but dry on the cheeks? If these sounds familiar, then you have combination skin. It’s a little bit tricky dealing with combination skin since some parts of it are oily and dry at the same time. But that doesn’t mean you have to get 2 separated products.

Starting your skincare routine with the right cleanser can clean the skin without stripping it of its natural oils and such. With that, here is a list of the top recommended cleanser that you might want to try out if you haven’t already.

1. Dr. Murad Prebiotic 4 In 1 Multi Cleanser

Best cleanser for dehydrated, rosacea, combination skin

Price from RM198.00

shopping_cart Hermo Malaysia RM198.00 shopping_cart Zalora Malaysia RM198.00

A 4-in-1 cleanser is hardly ever heard of until Dr Murad comes up with this prebiotic cleanser. It claims to clean impurities while leaving the skin feeling moisturised and hydrated afterwards. 

The great thing about it is that it does not contain any synthetic substances such as parabens, dyes, alcohol or sulfates that may cause harm to the skin. As such, it’s quite suitable for most skin especially sensitive, dehydrated and easily irritated combination skin.

2. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 150ml

Best cleanser for combination dry skin

Price from RM30.00

shopping_cart Hermo Malaysia RM43.00 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM43.00 shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM30.00

With a pH of 5.0 to 6.0, which is a similar pH to the skin, this gentle gel cleanser does not irritate dry skin. Instead, it’ll feel comfortable for combination skin thanks to its Tea Tree oil properties in this product that controls oils and tightens pores in the T-zone area. No more oily T-zone throughout the day for you.

3. Beaubelle Deep Cleansing Cleanser

Best cleanser for combination oily skin with acne and blackheads

Price from RM44.00

shopping_cart Hermo Malaysia RM44.00

This is a lightweight gel cleanser that does an amazing job at cleaning oily skin and removing unwanted blackheads and acne. It works great especially against acne skin with nodules, pustules or papules. Moreover, the cleanser has essential oils that will help to reduce blemishes and scars that are caused by acne.

4. Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil

Best cleanser for mature and aging combination skin

Price from RM114.75

shopping_cart Althea Malaysia RM118.00 shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM114.75 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM135.00

What to look for in a cleanser for mature and aging skin? Well, Laneige’s cleanser consists of chamomile flower extract and marshmallow root extract to help fight signs of aging. 

Moreover, besides its coconut oil properties to easily remove makeup, there’s also Mugwort extract which has antibacterial properties to purify pores and get rid of sebum. Get that healthy youthful complexion you’ve always dream of.

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5. NEUTROGENA Deep Clean Foam Cleanser

Best cleanser for combination skin drugstore

Price from RM13.49

shopping_cart Watsons Malaysia RM16.91 shopping_cart Hermo Malaysia RM19.90 shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM13.49 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM17.80

Neutrogena should be on your list if you’re looking for a drugstore cleanser. Not only are their products such as this cleanser is affordable, but it does so much for the price you pay! The cleanser removes dirt, oil and dead skin all the while providing oil control and maintain  moisture. Creamy in texture, a little goes a long way for this cleanser.

6. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Best oil cleanser for combination skin

Price from RM49.00

shopping_cart Zalora Malaysia RM54.00 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM34.90 shopping_cart Hermo Malaysia RM54.00 shopping_cart Althea Malaysia RM49.00

Let’s be honest; the idea of putting oil on the face to cleanse combination skin is terrifying. But oil cleansers are actually super effective for removing especially waterproof makeup. Moreover, they contain oil emollients that are good for the face. 

For this The Face Shop cleanser, it contains mild rice water, which helps with softening and whitening as well as clean impurities off your face without it feeling greasy and heavy.

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7. Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser

Best Korean cleanser for combination skin

Price from RM50.00

shopping_cart Althea Malaysia RM50.00

Suitable for all skin types, Chica-Y-Chico never disappoints. With Jojoba Esters and 4-oil complex, it exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal smoother, vibrant skin. Containing hypoallergenic ingredients, the formula also ensures that clogged pores stay out of your way all day long. Remove dirt and makeup with this cleanser in one go.

8. Purito Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser

Best gel cleanser for combination sensitive skin

Price from RM44.00

Here’s a perfect 5.5 pH gel cleanser for your everyday cleansing needs, as Purito cleanser does not strip the natural oils from your skin. 

Instead, it gently cleanses your skin with the goodness of Centella Asiatica, royal jelly extract, hydrolyzed collagen and tea tree oil. Those are all the famous ingredients to fight breakouts on combination skin. And hey, it even works on sensitive skin!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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