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Makeup lovers know that it’s best to go Au Naturel. But sometimes a lift is all we want for a fun night out.

We’ve seen how powerful makeup can be in changing one’s facial features. Sure, you can get cosmetic surgery but not many fancy the idea of going under the knife, nor is it affordable to the majority. Contouring? It’s a tedious action and requires strict precision.

Enter face lift tapes.

Although this special tape has been utilised by professional makeup artists for ages, they have been a go-to lift solution for many as seen in those makeup transformation videos of Chinese girls. Also, it’s much cheaper than your bronzers and contour palettes.

V Shape Face Lift Tape before and after

So why not masking or cellophane tape?

That’s because this lift tape is made breathable as well as easily layered underneath makeup. It’s also quite strong and easy to use with less practice and skills needed than contouring. Perfect for beginners!

Watch this first-time user's review and how she uses the tape.

Dodo Label Face Tape

Price from RM3.67

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM5.99 shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM3.67

Although only at 0.2mm in thickness, this tape is strong enough to lift and shape your jawline into a sharper one. Waterproof and breathable as well, this tape is hypoallergenic too, so every gal can enjoy this beauty trick! Just remember to dampen the tape with some makeup remover and slowly remove in order to avoid skin damage.

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