Want more control when it comes to your scent? Roll-on perfumes are not only mess-free compared to spray versions, but also tend to last longer. Another plus side is that they are extremely travel-friendly, just pop them in your handbag, purse or pocket, and you're good to go! Here are reviews of some of our top picks for you to try based on your particular preferences.

Don't be completely fooled by the name, Carolina Herrera's Good Girl perfume has the sweet and calming fragrance of jasmine, but also features the more mature notes of rich cocoa and Tonka bean, capturing all aspects and dimensions of what it's like to be a modern woman. Seductive and elegant, while still keeping it light and fresh, this is the definition of femme fatale in perfume form.


Best without alcohol
Price from RM116.00

Show yourself some major self-love with this relaxing fragrance by Aromatherapy Associates. Vetivert is deeply relaxing and even acts as an immunostimulant while Wild Camomile Essential Oil relaxes and soothes muscle tension. This perfume also features patchouli, the main 'feel good factor' in this product that is both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, perfect to soothe blemishes and rough, dry areas on the skin.

3. Claire Organics Inspired Aromatherapy Perfume

Best with essential oils
Price from RM47.30

Smell great and feel even more amazing with this perfume consisting of a range of relaxing essential oils, including the soothing scent of lavender. It is accompanied by organic herbs such as Bergamot, which contributes an uplifting and refreshing scent, as well as golden jojoba oil, which nourishes the skin. Combined with a refreshing citrus blend, this perfume is as zen as it gets.

4. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Signorina Eleganza Eau de Parfum

Best with patchouli
Price from RM116.00
Sephora Malaysia RM116.00

Salvatore Ferragoma's Signorina Eleganza uses the elegant, refined scents of patchouli and white leather as base notes to accentuate the more fruity, sweet notes of grapefruit and pear. Meanwhile, the middle notes of almond powder and golden osmanthus petals bring everything together to create a fresh fragrance that isn't too sickly sweet.

5. L'OCCITANE Roses Et Reines Roll-on EDT Intense 10ml

Best with long lasting smell
Price from RM90.00
Hermo Malaysia RM90.00

Want a more intense scent that really packs a punch? This one literally has the word 'intense' in its name. This perfume is the stronger version of the well-loved Roses et Reines from L'Occitane. Four different roses (Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan and Turkish) work together to create gentle fruity notes, which are further emphasized by the use of Haute-Provence rose extract.

6. FRESH Sugar Lychee Eau De Parfum

Best with sandalwood
Price from RM88.00

Created with the intention of recreating the pure, comforting and addictive nature of sugar, the Sugar Lychee perfume by Fresh manages to deliver a delicately sweet aroma without being over-the-top. With refreshing Italian lemon, grapefruit and lime blossom as top notes, and sweet lychee, lotus and freesia middle notes, everything is brought together by the more mature fragrance of sandalwood, which adds an air of sophistication.

7. L'OCCITANE Pivoine Flora EDT Intense Roll-on 10ml

Best with floral notes
Price from RM90.00
Hermo Malaysia RM90.00

Who doesn't want to smell like a meadow of flowers? This roll-on perfume uses peonies that were picked at a very specific moment in their development: when they are no longer buds, but not yet a flower (cue Britney Spears music). This fragrance provides a gentle floral aroma that will take you back to breezy spring days.

8. Claire Organics Enchant Aromatherapy Perfume

Best organic roll-on perfume
Price from RM47.30

Strip away all the unnecessary ingredients without cutting back on quality. This perfume by Claire Organics is made entirely out of natural and organic ingredients. Its formula blends together refreshingly crisp citrus notes, relaxing lavender and floral blossom to create a sensuous scent that is both delicately feminine yet bold.

9. FRESH Fresh Life Eau De Parfum

Best with vanilla
Price from RM88.00

Relive those hot summer days spent eating oranges under the sun with this perfume by Fresh. Featuring a refreshing blend of crisp citrus aromas, vanilla grass, bergamot, orange, Tonka, and even morning dew, this scent will remind you of all the best aspects of nature, offering scents of all 4 elements: the earth, the air, the sun and water.

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