Festive seasons are a great time to dress up and put on some makeup. In fact, it almost seems common to be searching for eye candy inspiration to make sure you're looking on point. However, if you've always felt as if something was amiss, let's just say that Sephora's 2019 Raya campaign is a true gift from the beauty gods!

To kick off Hari Raya, the beauty brand recently revealed that they have teamed up with local girl group De Fam to release a new song called That Girl, that even features a really cool rap from SonaOne. In the music video, the girls are made up in looks created by the Sephora team - and these 3 looks will be made available to the public for free this Raya too! 

To have the same look done on you, simply walk into any Sephora store from 23rd May - 19th June and let any makeup artist know if you'd want the Warm Earthy Brown, Mysterious Glam or Cool Fresh look, and voila, you've just gotten yourself a makeover for free! What got us especially excited is that these looks even use new Sephora Collection releases like the Vivid Earth face and eyeshadow palettes. 

So while we'd like to thank Sephora for all the kuih raya and fun activities that we got to participate in at their announcement, we're even more thankful that we'll all be looking as stunning as our De Fam girl crushes this Raya!

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