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10 Lip Liners to Plump Up Those Lips For An Irresistible Appeal

Your perfect pout is just a few lines and strokes away.

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Lip liners do more than just lining the lips. You can fill in your lips and even transform the look of it simply by overlining. These days, lip liners are developed into an even more purposeful pencil that you can use all around your face. In short, making them a potential staple in your makeup stash. Ahead, find out which are the best lip liners that match some of the most loved lipstick shades in the world as well as your regular, day-to-day needs.

Marc Jacobs (P)outliner Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Honeybun’

RM 105.00
1. Marc Jacobs (P)outliner Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Honeybun’
Best for Anastasia Beverly Hill’s ‘Pure Hollywood’ Liquid Lipstick

Not a fan of creamy lip liners? This (P)outliner lip pencil by Marc Jacobs is a gel-based liner that feels weightless on the lips and is unsurprisingly smudge-proof too! As ABH’s ‘Pure Hollywood’ liquid lipstick is a rather babydoll pink color, it may be slightly off-putting for most Asian yellow-y skin tones. Hence, laying a neutral pink shade such as ‘Honeybun’ underneath it could make it a more wearable daily shade. 

NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner

RM 14.3
2. NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner
Best affordable lip liner pencil (below RM 30) for beginners

Creamy lip liners are a wee tricky to use and control, especially for newbies who just got into the not-at-all-complicated world of lip pencils. At just RM 22, NYX’s Suede lip liners won’t let you down with its matte formula and shade range that’s pretty close to M.A.C’s. Some even claim that this is the best dupe for M.A.C’s lip liners!

NudeStix Lip / Cheek Pencil in ‘Sin’

RM 95.00
3. NudeStix Lip / Cheek Pencil in ‘Sin’
Best for M.A.C’s Twig - suitable for use as a blusher

Nude Stix has been the go-to brand for people who like to achieve the no makeup, makeup look. With a couple of sticks, you’re on your way to looking fresh and ready to seize the day. This Lip/Cheek pencil is an award-winning 4-in-1 lip color, liner, balm and cheek color pencil that’s easy to use. ‘Sin’ in particular is a warm rosy mauve color that matches M.A.C’s ‘Twig’ beautifully.      

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Pencil in ‘8C Red’

RM 89.00
4. Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Pencil in ‘8C Red’
Best for M.A.C’s ‘Ruby Woo’ Lipstick

The cult-favorite M.A.C lipstick in the shade ‘Ruby Woo’ is a classic red lipstick that suits ALL skin tones with its red shade that hits just the sweet spot—a balance of cool and warm tones altogether. This Aqua Lip Waterproof Pencil in ‘8C Red’ is the best match for ‘Ruby Woo’ as they share the same blue undertones. It also has excellent staying power, meaning that there’ll be less touch up required to keep your pouts in shape and shade.   

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer in #063 ‘Eastend Snob’

RM 19.9
5. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer in #063 ‘Eastend Snob’
Best drugstore lip liner for natural look - suitable on fair skin

Despite their budget-friendly prices, Rimmel takes their formulation very seriously. This lip liner is no different. The ‘Eastend Snob’ is a popular neutral-toned medium pink shade that suits light and fair skin best. It is suitable to wear on a daily basis, as well as to recreate the My Lips But Better look.  

Etude House Play 101 Pencil #31

RM 32
6. Etude House Play 101 Pencil #31
Best multi-use lip liner with a glossy finish - suitable with orange lipsticks

The Play 101 pencil comes in an array of 35 shades in total—including matte, glossy, and glittery finish—and each glides on effortlessly with a full-color payoff that’s hard to resist! You can use these pencils not just on your lips and cheeks, but also on the eyes and brows as eyeliner and eyebrow pencil with their brown matte shades. #31 is a gorgeous bright coral with a hint of orange that pairs well with orange lipsticks. Its glossy finish also works as a topper to add some shine onto your lips.  

M.A.C Lip Pencil in ‘Spice’

RM 76
7. M.A.C Lip Pencil in ‘Spice’
Best for M.A.C’s ‘Velvet Teddy’ Lipstick - suitable for dark skin types

Another universally flattering shade that’s well-loved by many, M.A.C’s ‘Spice’ was a quintessential 90s lip liner that was brought back into the limelight amidst speculations of Kylie Jenner’s lip injection back in 2014. 

This liner goes hand in hand with M.A.C’s iconic ‘Velvet Teddy’ and its brownish-pink shade is the perfect nude for dark skin tones. 

Elizabeth Arden Plump Up Lip Liner in ‘Pink Affair

RM 90
8. Elizabeth Arden Plump Up Lip Liner in ‘Pink Affair
Best for Fuller Lips and M.A.C’s ‘Blankety’ Lipstick - suitable on older lips

The lips are really the epitome of a makeup look. Colors play a big part in shifting a look, but the size of the lips play an even bigger role. Thinner lips often give the impression of innocence and cuteness (think of Korean gradient lips) while fuller lips are deemed ‘sexy’ and alluring. 

To achieve that ‘injected’ look, this liner is made to achieve that effect with its Vitamin-E enriched formula that is super nourishing and suitable for older lips that lack moisture too. P.s. it’s also the perfect pair along with M.A.C’s ‘Blankety’!

Benefit They’re Real! Double Lip in ‘Revved-Up Red’

RM 42

If you think a lip liner is too much to carry, thankfully Benefit’s They’re Real! Double Lip has a built-in liner with its lipstick that’ll save both your time and space. The tip of this liner-lipstick is also worth highlighting as it’s custom made into a teardrop shape for an easier and more precise application. ‘Revved-Up Red’ is a beautiful fiery cherry red that is suitable for party nights or even daily use if French chic makeup is up your alley.  

Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner

RM 142.00
10. Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner
Best long-lasting lip liner with a brush - suitable for overlining

The Panoramic Long Wear liner by Hourglass is hands down one of the most long-lasting lip pencil. Yet it doesn’t leave the lips feeling dry at the end of the day. It has a rich, water-resistant formula that applies and wears like a dream. With this, you won’t have to worry about your lip color smudging or feathering, and it comes with a blending brush for even distribution of the product.  

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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