The thought of mixing heavy-feeling creams with the heat and humidity of our 31-degree weather can put many of us off moisturizers completely. However, that "natural gleam" that you get from the environment can often mask the true dehydrated nature of our skin. If you're looking for hydration and light, feather-like comfort, maybe you could try opting for one (or more) of these oil-free moisturizers.

1. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin (118ml)

Best drugstore oil-free moisturizer - suitable for combination skin
Price from RM32.40
Shopee Malaysia RM32.40

Dealing with combination skin doesn't have to be all that tricky. Neutrogena has formulated a moisturizer that specifically caters to this skin type, adopting a unique Microsponge system that absorbs and regulates oil in grease-prone areas while keeping the dry areas sufficiently hydrated. This hypoallergenic product leaves skin soft while keeping it matte.

2. CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, SPF 30 (89mL)

Best with mineral SPF - has niacinamide
Price from RM105.00
Shopee Malaysia RM105.00

This moisturizer's mild yet effective formula makes it a good fit for those of you who are worried about triggering an allergic/acne breakout. Featuring skin-loving ceramides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, this moisturizer keeps skin moisturized throughout the day without clogging your pores. It also delivers broad-spectrum sun protection and is even being recommended by the Skin Cancer Association for its ability to protect the skin from damaging UV rays.

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (50g)

Best for dry skin
Price from RM53.00
Shopee Malaysia RM53.00

This product uses a cooling water gel formula that not only feels incredible on the skin (especially on those exceptionally hot days), but also absorbs deep into the skin, providing an instant boost of hydrating hyaluronic acid that lasts a whopping 48 hours after application. This non-comedogenic moisturizer maintains the skin's natural moisture barrier using a unique Moisture Sensor Complex, keeping it supple and elastic.

4. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

Best for sensitive skin
Price from RM36.00
Shopee Malaysia RM36.00

Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion is a staple moisturizer for those with skin that's a bit more reactive. Leaving behind potential irritants like parabens, fragrance and lanolin, this product opts for ingredients that have been clinically proven to retain moisture while soothing even the most sensitive and driest of skin types.

5. Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day Cream Gentle SPF 15 (50g)

Best anti-aging oil free moisturizer - suitable for mature skin
Price from RM31.26
Shopee Malaysia RM31.26

Fight signs of aging head-on with this moisturizer from Olay. Its fast-absorbing formula features powerhouse ingredients like green tea and various anti-aging vitamins like B3, Pro-B5 and E - all of which contribute to boosting the skin's youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dullness and dark spots.

6. BOSCIA Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer 50g

Best for oily skin
Price from RM167.00
Sephora Malaysia RM167.00

Boscia's Green Tea Moisturizer uses an amazing formula packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like Japanese green tea, burdock root, and wine yeast extract, to regulate the levels of oil on the skin. This formula essentially decreases the production of sebum while soothing irritated, red skin to ensure that the skin stays clear and matte.

7. Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

Best for men
Price from RM146.00
Sephora Malaysia RM146.00

This no-nonsense formula is lightweight and absorbs instantly through the deep portions of the skin, giving it the hydration it needs to remain smooth and healthy. Infused with cucumber extract, each layer of the skin is left sufficiently moisturized. At the same time, this product also has mattifying features, keeping unwanted shine at bay.

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8. EVE LOM Oil Free Moisturiser

Best for acne
Price from RM366.00
Sephora Malaysia RM366.00

If you find that your skin is constantly being held captive by acne breakouts, this could be your potential saviour. This luxurious product employs the use of acne-fighting ingredients (including the MVP, salicylic acid) to regulate the skin's oil levels and sebum production so that you can enjoy a brighter, fresher complexion.

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