Behind every woman, there is that amazing scent lingering as she passes by. Not only is she gorgeous, but her fragrance is to die for.

1. Coach EDT

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Zalora Malaysia RM182.00

Coach EDT’s perfume is a mixture of a lot of things - mostly nature and fruits. You have a little bit of pear and pink grapefruit that fuses together, giving you a beautiful Alba rose scent along with jasmine. It also smells like nature with its oak and wood-like scent.

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2. Jimmy Choo L’Eau EDT

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Zalora Malaysia RM197.00

Jimmy Choo L’Eau gives you more of a feminine smell. It is a mixture of hibiscus flower and bergamot infused with the sweet scent of nectar together with peony. All these floral and fruity scents are combined with the base ingredients of cedar wood and musk, hence, creating a perfume said to make women empowered and free-spirited.

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3. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT

Price from RM109.00
Zalora Malaysia RM109.00

Who doesn’t love the smell of cherry blossoms? Using the pure essence extracted from the cherry blossoms that were carefully hand-picked from Japan, this fragrance gives off a sweet and delicate floral scent. It is very light and subtle which will surely make you obsessed with it.

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4. Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme EDT

Price from RM160.65
Zalora Malaysia RM160.65

At first spray, you will first get a strong whiff of blackcurrant along with pear, lemon, and even a hint of peaches and jasmines. Give it some time to dry down and the smell of vanilla, moss and cedar wood will linger on you.

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5. Montblanc Lady Emblem EDP

Price from RM211.00
Zalora Malaysia RM211.00

If you are going for an elegant and sophisticated vibe, this would be worth a try. A beautiful combination of sandalwood and crystal musk as its base is followed by roses and jasmine along with grapefruit as its middle and top-notes. The bottle itself looks absolutely gorgeous, perfect for your luxury dressing table.

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6. Issey Miyake L'Eau D’Issey Pure EDP

Price from RM223.00
Zalora Malaysia RM223.00

Imagine this – a bouquet of flowers combined with the fresh scent of waterfalls and the smell of spring – all in one bottle. This perfume is said to evoke the smell of water on your skin, making it perfect if you are going for something fresh and floral.

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7. Jimmy Choo Illicit EDP

Price from RM488.00
Zalora Malaysia RM488.00

Be sweet and seductive with a few puffs of Illicit. This perfume gives out a sweet and sexy with the combination of amber and citrus. It is light and long-lasting. Great for everyday use.

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8. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Price from RM259.00
Shopee Malaysia RM259.00

Smell sexy and delicious with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. This perfume is light but is very noticeable. It gives off a fruity and floral smell with a hint of musk and makes you feel fresh all day.

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9. Yves Rocher Green Tea EDT

Price from RM83.00
Zalora Malaysia RM83.00

Delight your senses with a very mild yet refreshing perfume with hints of green tea, citrus, and wood. A fresh scent which is perfect for a ladies’ day out under the sun.

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10. Valentino Donna EDP

Price from RM369.00
Perfume Store RM369.00

Valentino Donna’s EDP is a very sweet and floral fragrance which contains hints of bergamot as its opening scent, Bulgarian rose and vanilla in the middle, and leather and patchouli as its base notes. A feminine, classy, and sophisticated perfume you can consider wearing on your next day out if you want to make heads turn!

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