The kettle is possibly one of the most old-school kitchen appliances we have in our homes. Its design and features have undergone many changes over the years, however, its function remains very much the same.

The traditional kettle is still a preferred choice for many, as it can handle a larger volume of water. The electric kettle, on the other hand, is the smart choice for those who want to save time.  Here are our top picks for the best traditional and electronic kettle brands in Malaysia.

1. Philips 1.7 Viva Collection Kettle

Best electric water kettle with stainless steel finish
Price from RM269.00
Harvey Norman Malaysia RM269.00

Sturdy and reliable are certainly the best way to describe the Phillips 1.7 Viva Collection Kettle. With a stainless steel coating and a keep-warm system, you will enjoy the hot boiling water in a few quick minutes. Safe for your use, it has a one-touch spring lid to avoid scalding, and stores easily with adjustable cable length.

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2. Kenwood JKP250 Travel Jug Kettle

Best travel kettle
Price from RM118.00
Harvey Norman Malaysia RM118.00

The Kenwood Travel Jug Kettle is definitely a trustworthy travel buddy. It’s safe for use in other countries because of its dual voltage feature. You can plug in the kettle wherever you are travelling to, or perhaps bring it along for a family holiday. It is easy to pack and has a locked hinged lid to secure the kettle while boiling.

3. Taiwan Canny Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle 5.0L

Best stove top kettle with a loud whistling feature
Price from RM79.90
Lazada Malaysia RM79.90

For those of you who prefer the traditional option, the Taiwan Canny Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle has a 5.0-litre capacity. With a heavy gauge stainless steel enforced body, the kettle is safe and suitable for any type of stove. The whistling lid signals you with a clear and loud shrill sound once the water reaches boiling point.

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4. Morphy Richards 102029 Accents Pyramid Kettle

Best cordless kettle
Price from RM287.00
Harvey Norman Malaysia RM287.00

The Morphy Richards Accents Pyramid Kettle allows water to boil extra fast compared to other electronic kettles. With a 360-degree rotating base and a lime-scale filter, you will enjoy its benefits for a long time. The retro-looking electric kettle with a traditional pyramid design is not just ideal for your kitchen but would certainly be a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift.

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5. Bear YSH-A03U1 Borosilicate Glass Electric Thermal Health Pot

Best mini kettle
Price from RM118.00
Lazada Malaysia RM118.00

This is a great option for those looking for a hot cup of drink in the office. Mess-free and completely safe for your tabletop, this Bear Thermal Tea Health Pot allows you to prepare plain boiling water with ease. With an auto warm function, the detachable thermal cup allows you to drink from it directly.

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6. Phillips Daily Collection HD9344 1.0L Kettle

Best 1.0 Litre kettle
Price from RM129.00
Harvey Norman Malaysia RM129.00

The Phillips Daily Collection Kettle is ideal for your kitchen, office pantry and even for the hostel dorm rooms. Featuring an ergonomic and comfortable design, it is easy and safe to be handled. The built-in safety system prevents the water from boiling till it dries up, and the water level indicator makes it a convenient water dispenser too. Easy to clean and takes up little storage space.

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7. Princess Class Water Kettle Roma 0.5L

Best cheap and affordable 0.5 Litre kettle
Price from RM69.00
Lazada Malaysia RM69.00

Princess Class Water Kettle presents you with a 0.5L electronic kettle which functions well as both a hot water kettle as well as a water thermos. With the boil-dry protection feature and the concealed heating element, there is no risk of injuries or burns. The stainless steel design is functional and makes the kettle look stylish.

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