Laundry is an inevitable part of household chores, and possibly one of the most tiresome routines to deal with. A reliable and trusted steam iron would simplify your hour-long daily task to mere minutes. Make quick work on those lines and run easily along the collars and cuffs.

Here’s a range of the best steam irons in Malaysia.

1. Tefal FV1520 PTFE Soleplate Steam Iron

Best lightweight steam iron with a long cord

Price from RM89.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM89.00

Without any need for extra muscle, the very light-weight Tefal FV1520 Steam Iron effortlessly helps you iron. Its long cord and ergonomic steam trigger provide you with exceptionally easy movement. You can access all parts of your clothes on the ironing board, producing wrinkle-free attire without the need to constantly move it around.

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2. Phillips Steam Iron GC1436

Best no-drip steam iron, with bright heat indication light

Price from RM79.00

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The Philips Steam Iron GC1436 makes your ironing easy with a continuous steam output and a strong 90g steam boost. With the non-stick soleplate and heat indication light, there's no need to worry about scorching your precious clothes. Despite the heavy steam, the steam iron with its spray and drip stop avoids any unwanted spots.

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3. Morgan Garment Steamer MSI GA220B

Best upright steam iron on a budget

Price from RM153.00

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An efficient machine, the Morgan Garment Steamer heats up almost immediately saving you precious waiting time. Just tap the start button and begin to iron your clothes wrinkle-free. Reasonably priced with a 2.2 litres tank capacity, it is the best choice for families of any size. Producing generous amounts of steam boost with continuous steam function to smoothen your clothes.

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4. Foldable Mini Travel Steam & Dry Iron

Best portable steam iron for travel

Price from RM24.90

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Comfortable to handle, with a non-stick sole plate and a spray mist, the Foldable Mini Travel Steam and Dry Iron is certainly a thrifty choice. Priced well below an affordable range, the portable steam iron keeps your appearance neat and tidy anywhere you are. An easy run through on your clothes with the adjustable temperature control, now there's no excuse for wrinkled shirts on work trips.

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5. Philips Steam Generator GC7805

Best for clothes and garments of any variety

Price from RM579.00

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The Philips Steam Generator GC7805 works with a smart control processor and steam-glide soleplate. More steam pressure and boost than your average steam iron, it completely works on an eco-friendly save energy mode. Twice the amount of powerful steam to remove unwanted creases and wrinkles, lessening your ironing time in half.

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6. Electrolux Garment Steamer EGS2003

Best for hanging clothes, suits, and curtains with auto shut-off function

Price from RM300.00

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The Electrolux Garment Steamer EGS2003 is highly functional and naturally straightens out your office wear and expensive suits. With continuous steam output, you can easily glide the steam head over your clothes to iron out the creases. The powerful performance and detachable water tank allows the steamer to work well on curtains and draperies too.

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7. Tefal Freemove Steam Iron FV9970

Best cordless and economical steam iron

Price from RM479.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM479.00

The Tefal Freemove Steam Iron FV9970 is your choice to enjoy the freedom of a cordless steam iron. An effortless attempt to iron with the handheld device, it's anti-drip and releases powerful steam. With easy and quick recharge, your steam iron will not lose any heat and you can carry on easily steaming your garment of choice.

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8. Cornell Steam Iron CSI-E220SRD

Best steam iron with stainless steel soleplate

Price from RM83.70

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM83.70

Provided with an adjustable temperature control and an option for steam release, the Cornell Steam Iron CSI-E220SRD is certainly an effective steam iron. Equipped with a stainless steel soleplate, the steam iron is anti-drip, avoiding any unwanted spots on your clothes. The vertical steam option also easily allows self-cleaning to maintain your iron.

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