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It's not easy for yoghurt lovers to resist from navigating to the yoghurt aisle in the supermarket during every visit. The benefits of consuming yoghurt are more than its unique taste and texture, as they're rich in nutrients that can improve bone and gut health, reduce appetite and lower blood pressure.

Most often, we would notice that commercial yoghurts have added ingredients such as artificial flavours, dyes, stabilizers and preservatives. So, making homemade yoghurt allows you to pick ingredients that are healthy and nutritious to your diet.

Is it cheaper to make your own yogurt?

Getting a yoghurt maker is not only a good idea to save money on your groceries bill, but also lets you personalise your preferred yogurt flavour as well as a healthier option. All you need is a box of whole milk, active yoghurt cultures and you are all set.

Here is a list of our top recommended yoghurt makers that will give you delicious, smooth and healthy yoghurt.

Best greek yogurt maker
Euro Cuisine
1. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker
Best greek yogurt maker

Consuming a tub of ready-made Greek yoghurt might be your best bet to a healthy lifestyle, but a homemade Greek yoghurt can be better. This yoghurt maker comes with a BPA-free strainer kit which can whip up to two quarts of yoghurt. Surprisingly, the sugar level of strained Greek yoghurt is lower than regular ones. With this machine, you can enjoy fresh yoghurt every time in just a few hours.

Best non electric yogurt maker
2. Easiyo Yogurt Maker
Best non electric yogurt maker

Do not underestimate the performance of this portable, non-electrical yoghurt maker from Easiyo. Just follow three simple steps, leave the yoghurt for eight to 12 hours to set after, and then you're good to consume it. Additionally, you can make up to one kilogram of yoghurt with the polypropylene-grade jar.

Best automatic yogurt maker

For those who are looking for an affordable yet efficient yoghurt maker, the Active One Electric Automatic Yogurt Maker might be the right one for you. Powered with a triple-thermostatic system, this yoghurt maker ensures a 360-degree constant fermentation temperature. Plus, this yoghurt maker has a large capacity of one litre and comes with a stainless-steel liner for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Best yogurt maker with glass jars
4. Pensonic Yogurt Maker PYM-700
Best yogurt maker with glass jars

This yoghurt maker comes with seven 200ml containers so you can make seven different recipes of yoghurt in one single batch. It is especially useful for a big household. Besides, it's also ideal if you have minimal space on your kitchen counter.

Best overall yogurt maker

This yoghurt maker has an array of digital programmes, a memory function and an LED control panel that allows you to have total control. The best part: it comes with nine ceramic jugs with lids. So you can enjoy the convenience of having a jar of yoghurt any time you want.

Best home yogurt maker
6. YogurBerry Yogurt Maker
Best home yogurt maker

This yoghurt maker from YogurBerry is ideal if you're looking to make small batches of yoghurt. Besides, it can operate without electricity, so you can bring it with you anywhere you want. If you often go for camping, then this yoghurt maker can come in handy too.

Best SCD yogurt maker with temperature control
7. Bear SNJ-C10T1 Mediterranean Santorini Style
Best SCD yogurt maker with temperature control

The highlight of this yoghurt maker includes a computerized temperature control that allows you to keep track of the fermentation process. Thanks to the high-grade stainless steel, this machine is built to last. Additionally, you can also use this machine to make rice wine.

Best frozen yogurt maker
8. Yonauas Yogurt Maker
Best frozen yogurt maker

For those who are lactose or gluten intolerant, but love ice-cream and yoghurt at the same time, then this machine is for you. It allows you to enjoy delicious, creamy and healthy frozen yoghurt within seconds. Additionally, the detachable motor parts make cleaning effortless.

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