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Traditionally, kettles were used on a stove to boil water but the advent of electricity has now made boiling water more convenient.  Today, you can see several designs of kettles with different pros and cons. For the cordless kettles, they’re easily manageable yet powerful and does not clutter the kitchen.

How does a cordless kettle work?

Cordless kettles aren’t really cordless. Instead of having the power cable going straight into the kettle’s body, it goes into the detachable base of the kettle. While the kettle is sitting on the base, a circuit is formed to allow current to flow into the heating element which is used for heating the water. 

So although a cordless kettle isn’t completely cordless, they are still much more convenient than a normal electric kettle and is just as safe. Among the advantages of a cordless kettle is the freedom to lift the kettle off its base and reduce the chances of tugging other cables. 

Here are the best cordless kettles for your added convenience and needs:

1. Sonifer Travel Mini Electric Kettle
Best cordless travel kettle

If you travel a lot, the Sonifer travel cordless kettle is a good choice for you. Its 0.6 liter capacity is totally usable for a cup or two of hot coffee or tea. If features 360 degree rotatable base, overheat protection, auto shut off, boil dry protection, concealed heating element and is constructed of sturdy stainless steel.

Russell Hobbs
2. Russell Hobbs Plastic Brita Purity Kettle 22851
Best cordless water kettle

If you want to ensure you only ingest the purest water with your beverages then Russell Hobs has got you covered. Their 1 litre Brita Purity cordless kettle comes with a built in filter to get rid of all minute impurities in your water including lime scale and chlorine. 

This kettle has a 1-litre water capacity and 0.5-litre filter capacity. Other features includes a 360 degree rotatable base, concealed heating element, cool blue lighting, cord storage, a washable filter and filter cartridge replacement with a reminder sensor.

3. Breville the Compact Cordless Kettle BKE320
Best quiet boil cordless kettle

If you don’t like the sound of a loud, bubbling kettle, we’ll have you know that the Breville Compact Cordless Kattle is one of the quietest around. This kettle is designed  with a unique soft top lid which allows steam to escape silently and auto shut off once water is boiled. Other notable features include full stainless steel construction, cordless 360 degree rotatable base and ergonomic handle design.

4. Faber 1.0 Liter Cordless Jug Kettle FCK103
Best 1-litre cordless kettle

If you do not need a big kettle, we think Faber’s 1-Litre FCK103 Cordless Kettle is a great option. It features a stainless steel construction with concealed heating element for durability. The kettle utilises simple on/off indicators and auto shut off once the water is boiling.

Best cheap and affordable 0.5 Litre kettle
5. Princess Class Water Kettle Roma 0.5L
Best small 0.5L cordless kettle

Use the tiny Princess Roma to boil a perfect cup of coffee or tea for yourself. This 0.5-litre cordless kettle is a perfect fit for singles or those who need a compact kettle to use. The kettle comes with safety features like an insulated handle, scale filter and auto shut off. It utilises a 360 degree rotatable base and is made with a stainless steel construction.

If you want to boil the perfect cup of tea, this cordless multifunctional electric tea kettle is for you. The kettle is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel with a 1000W heating base which warms up quickly and evenly. There’s also a 360-degree microporous filter for you to directly brew your tea leaves without worrying about the residue getting into your drink. 

Its 6 different heat settings allow you to choose how you want to boil your tea. Once boiled, the kettle shuts off automatically for safety purposes. The 1.5 liter capacity is also enough for about 4 cups per boil.

7. Elba Jug Kettle Glass 1.7L EJK-F1723G(BK)
Best cordless glass electric kettle

If you like the look of elegant glass kettles, consider this Elba Glass Cordless Kettle which is made of Borosilicate Glass that can withstand boiling temperatures countlessly without cracking. The kettle features a removable water filter, protective concealed heating element, water level indicator, dry boil protection, auto shut off and safety locking lid.

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