A versatile kitchen gadget, the immersion blender is possibly the coolest tech in the wide range of cooking appliances. From velvet silk smoothies to a pureed soup, handheld blenders do wonders for you. What’s more, it’s portable and easy to store. Here are our top picks for amazing handheld blenders.

1. Russell Taylors Multifunction Hand Blender

Best handheld blender for baby food

Price from RM109.99

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The Russell Taylors Multifunctional Hand Blender is the perfect kitchen helper for mothers. The sharp blades and multiple speed settings present you wonderfully amazing baby food with a smooth and silky consistency. Avoid accidental chunks in your child’s meal. You can even blend those unwanted veggies in the soup for fussy kids.

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2. HG Double Speed Mini Hand Blender Mixer

Best cheap handheld mini blender

Price from RM40.00

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From homemade sauces to fruit smoothies, the HG Double Speed Mini Hand Blender is an expert in blending. With a quick release detachable base, cleaning is made easy. It is very comfortable to use with a  one-speed setting, suitable for all kinds of meal preparation. It may be mini in size, but it gets the job done!

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3. Panasonic MX-GS1 Hand Held Immersion Blender

Best immersion blender for smoothies and meringue

Price from RM163.00

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The notable brand Panasonic delivers the Handheld Immersion Blender high in performance with multiple functions. Equipped with a Four-Blade cutting system, you can whip up eggs in a matter of minutes with comfort to make delectable meringues. Immerse the blender into the egg whites and blend them till they form stiff glossy peaks, perfect for your pastry making. Blending smoothies is also no problem with this immersion blender.

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4. Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR1600

Best immersion blender for soup

Price from RM76.99

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Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can purchase a high-quality hand blender to prepare everything from soup to smoothies. The Philips Promix Hand Blender features a strong and durable motor to create perfectly smooth soup to shakes. With a slim grip and triangular-shaped discs, you can conveniently optimise the blending for all your culinary needs.

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5. Braun MQ100 Soup Hand Blender

Best for hummus

Price from RM179.00

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The Braun Soup Hand Blender features the PowerBell technology which blends finely and evenly. The ultra-hard stainless-steel blades ensure fast and efficient blending, reducing the suction. With the floral-bell shaped blades, you can blend soups and hummus thoroughly – no large unblended chunks. Prepare icy cold smoothies with frozen fruits competently mashed up by this proficient immersion blender.

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6. Breville Control Grip Stick Mixer

Best stainless steel immersion blender for blending ice

Price from RM599.00

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Durable and made for heavy-duty usage, the Breville Control Grip Stick Mixer is a trustworthy aid for your kitchen exploits. Select your speed and efficiently manage the texture from fine or medium to coarse for your soups, guacamole, and smoothies. This handheld blender also comes with a blade guard to prevent scratches on your kitchenware.

7. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

Best professional immersion blender

Price from RM572.59

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Joining the ranks of expert kitchen appliances, the KitchenAid Hand Blender is a must-have helper for a professional cook. Designed with a Removable 8” Blending Arm with Fixed Blade, you can certainly prepare an array of gastronomical delights without any hassle. From the smooth blending of milkshakes to soups or a quick buzz for salads and salsas, the S-shaped blade would blend the ingredients skilfully.

8. Nutritional Factors Handheld Blender

Best versatile handheld blender

Price from RM55.00

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With this versatile handheld blender, you can manoeuvre through your food preparation effortlessly. It offers you an immersion blender which is lightweight and ergonomically designed for your cooking comfort. One press of a button and your home-cooked meal will look like professional gourmet cuisine with ease.  

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