Laundry is probably the most painstaking chore at home. It is time-consuming, effortful and just seems like a never-ending task! Investing in a clothes dryer lessens the load of doing your laundry, you don’t have to be concerned with the weather or space when drying your clothes. Select the best clothes dryer for your home based on our top recommendations.   

1. QNIGLO Multi-functional Clothes Dryer
Best portable clothes dryer for travelling
Price from RM138.00

Fashioned in the form of a coat hanger, this handy and portable clothes dryer is suitable for drying individual apparel. It takes up little space and is easy to bring with you on travels. With a detachable windpipe and folding clips to hold the material in place, it also cares for the fabric with the low power and gentle PTC ceramic heating technology.

2. Dryers Baby Special Clothes Drying Machine TJ-1A- JY
Best baby-care clothes dryer
Price from RM219.00

An alternative solution to the traditional clothes dryer, this baby clothes dryer functions with a high-quality PTC heater. It is specially designed to care for baby and children’s clothing by sterilising 99.3% of bacterium, which is more sanitary than drying out in the sun. Easy to dismantle and reassemble, it’s convenient for you and your family.

3. Midea 6KG Dryer MD-6288
Best for those on a budget
Price from RM948.00

Looking to choose a dryer easy on your wallet? The Midea 6KG Dryer MD-6288 offers you a vented dryer that’s easy to fit in your home and your budget. The built-in conversion technology exchanges the humid air to water and disposes it from an outlet pipe. With a crease guard option and a safety thermostat, your clothes would be ready to wear just as the buzzer goes off.

4. Elba ED-F7160(WH) Tumble Dryer 7KG
Best clothes dryer with tumble function
Price from RM1,388.00

An energy conscious choice, the Elba Tumble Dryer 7KG will complete your laundry using less energy, much quicker. It features 16 different drying programmes for all your drying needs. The Anti-Crease and Final Cool down tumble application keep your fabric smooth and fluffy. Your ironing will just be a smooth glide from now on.

5. Electrolux EDV7552 7.5KG Dryer
Best basic clothes dryer for your home
Price from RM160.00

The Electrolux 7.5KG Dryer offers you a chance to complete a clean pile of laundry with minimum fuss. The hot air from the dryer evaporates and is released out through a vent without the need for a water hose. Wrinkles and creases are reduced with the Smart Sensor which measures the moisture levels and prevents over-drying. No more tangled clothes with the Reverse Tumbling Technology.

6. Samsung WD-80J6410AW 8/6 KG Front Load Washer and Dryer
Best with a washer-dryer combination
Price from RM339.00

This washer-dryer combo is great for those with limited space at home – especially suitable for those living in apartments or flats. It has a big load capacity which allows you to wash a large pile of laundry all at once. This Samsung washer-dryer is equipped with Air Wash technology that uses heated air to sanitise your clothes which removes unpleasant odours and bacteria from your clothes.

7. Electrolux EDP2074PDW 7KG Condense Dryer
Best condense clothes dryer
Price from RM272.00

The Electrolux 7KG Condense Dryer is a clothes dryer featuring an advanced version of Sensor Dry that keeps your laundry from over-drying. An efficient and steadfast machine, it has a variety of functions to enable specific types of drying, ranging from cotton to delicate material. Reverse Tumbling technology helps the dryer to soften your fabrics and prolong its lifespan.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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