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What is a front load washer?

There are several distinct advantages that front load washing machines have over their top-loading counterparts. They are built for energy and water efficiency, using only one-third of each, and lesser detergent to wash heavy loads. Besides, you can stack them up to save space. If you're having some troubles choosing the correct one for your home, go through our buying guide for some help.

1. Samsung WR24M9940KV/SP FlexWash Combo 21KG/13.5KG

Best front and top load washing machine

Price from RM5,899.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM5,899.00

If you have a large family, then this washing machine with both front and top load will ease your laundry day. Additionally, this machine is also a dryer, all combined into one single unit.

There are several features like Bubble soak for intensive stain removal, and air wash to sanitize your laundry. Besides, the machine is also WiFi-enabled with smart controls so that you can monitor your laundry via a smartphone.

2. LG Washing machine with SPA Steam

Best front loading washing machine with heater and steam

Price from RM1,699.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,699.00

This machine from LG comes with an 8kg capacity and inverter technology to save power. There are 14 wash programs, including a unique Spa steam function designed to remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Besides, the machine also comes with child safety lock, 1400 RPM motor and quiet drive.

3. LG Mini Washer with Slim Inverter, Direct Drive and SmartThinQ™

Best for a caravan

Price from RM1,695.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,695.00

This washer comes with a drawer at the bottom (with dimensions of 595x700x365 mm) to make laundry day faster and smoother. It's fully stackable and will fit into any tight space. Also, the machine has Slim Inverter Direct Drive, Smart ThinQ technology, touchscreen LED controls, WiFi and Child Lock.

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4. Panasonic 10KG Inverter Front Load Washer NA120VG6WMY

Best front load washing machine with hot water inlet

Price from RM2,480.00

This machine boasts several innovative features including the 3D sensor wash, active foam system and hot water inlet. It also comes with a 1,200 RPM motor for rapid washing. With this speed, you don't even have to soak your stained clothes anymore.

5. Elba EWF-E8152D(WH) Front Load Washing Machine

Front load washing machine with hand wash and a soak cycle

Price from RM1,499.00

This Elba has 15 washing programs, including a soak cycle and hand wash setting for your delicate laundry. Besides, you can also customize the washing programs. It also comes with a 1,400RPM motor, hot and cold washing, child security lock and overflow protection system.

6. Bosch Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Best fully automatic front load washing machine

Price from RM2,388.00

This Bosch WAT-244815G is a fully automatic front loading washing machine with 1200 RPM motor and165º swinging door. It's built with Ecosilence Drive, a large LED display and other unique features.

Besides, there's the ExpressWash feature to save time by 65%. The machine also comes with the AntiVibration™ Side Panels to ensure stability, especially during the spinning process.

*This product will only be delivered within Johor Bharu

7. LG Front Load Washer Dryer Inverter

Best front load washing machine and dryer

Price from RM3,599.00

This machine comes with a 14kg washer and 8kg dryer, giving you a very quick wash-to-wear in less than an hour. It saves energy with the Inverter Direct Drive feature, plus it comes with a fast 1400 RPM motor. There's also the Jet Spray cleaning feature for supreme washing; fret not as it will save water by 15%.

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