Malaysia has hot and humid weather all year round, hence why an air conditioner is a necessity. Apart from possible heat strokes, about two million Malaysians are also suffering from asthma and allergies.

If you or your family members have asthma, then it's crucial to manage your surroundings properly. Start by installing proper air conditioners at home, as clean and purified air at home will ease asthma and allergies.

1. Panasonic Premium Air Conditioner (CU-U10VKH-1)

Best air conditioner for homes

Price from RM1,369.00

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This Panasonic Premium AC is made with the Inverter Technology, Airflow Direction Control and 24-hour Real Setting timer. It also comes with the Intelligent Eco Sensor to alter the temperature according to the room's condition.

Additionally, it's also able to monitor human movement, location, absence and sunlight intensity to conserve energy. Furthermore, it also has the Nanoe-G feature that's ideal if you are asthmatic and prone to allergies.

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2. Hitachi Window Air Conditioner RA-13MF

Best window air conditioner for asthma

Price from RM1,838.00

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This window AC is built with 1.5 horsepower and comes with a twin turbofan. It also has a nano titanium pre-filter, which has an antibacterial effect that'll eliminate odours. Besides, the nano titanium wasabi air purifying filter works to release powerful anti-mould, anti-allergen and deodorizing effect.

This unit is designed with an ionizer to refresh the air in your home. Imagine the fresh air you get around waterfalls and rain forests. It also comes with the silver ion filter that can kill bacteria. If you have asthma, then this air conditioner would suffice.

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4. Panasonic Air Conditioning Inverter

Best inverter air conditioner

Price from RM1,430.00

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An inverter AC comes with a variable speed compressor motor. It works to adjusts the refrigerant flow inside the unit to modulate the cooling and heating functions. Additionally, this AC has the Nanoe G air purifying system with Dust Sensor that kills bacteria, viruses and mould.

5. Daikin Air Conditioners

Best air conditioner for living rooms

Price from RM2,280.00

This AC with 2.5 horsepower is ideal for large living rooms. It operates quietly and will not disrupt your peace during bedtime. Additionally, the Saranet air filter traps airborne dust particles. If you suffer from nose or throat allergies, then this AC is ideal for you.

6. Sharp Air Conditioner (AHA9UCD)

Best air conditioner for bedrooms

Price from RM735.00

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For a small room, an air conditioner with one horsepower is more than enough. This unit is designed with LED displays and energy-saving mode. The highlight goes to the self-cleaning feature that's able to reduce mould, fungus and prevent harmful microorganisms within the AC.

7. Hisense 1.0HP AN10DBG Air Conditioner

Best affordable air conditioner

Price from RM667.72

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If you have asthma or nasal allergies, this AC is ideal as it comes with a high-density ionizer filter. It works to gather dust, pollen and other harmful particles in the air around your home. On the plus side, it's affordable and is suitable if you live alone in a small apartment.

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8. Daikin Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Best central air conditioner

Price from RM2,722.50

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A central air conditioner is a system in which air is cooled at the main hub before distributed to different rooms by fans. This unit has a four-way air-flow to maintain the frosty temperature. Additionally, the negative ionizer will eliminate dust, smoke, pollen and bacteria, among other allergens.

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