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At ProductNation.co, we believe in bringing the best experience for our readers in their product researching journey in Southeast-Asia. Leave it to our editors to let you know what’s best or not, what’s trendy or not and ultimately whether it is right for you or not. And connect you to the leading and trusted online shops where you can make your purchase.

Our dedicated team put hours in researching the best fit for you, as we know one size does not fit all. Whether you are looking for that laptop for gaming that suits your uni life. Or a makeup for sensitive skin and best for the price, you name it. We have it. We strive for localisation, recommending products that cater more to your environment and situation than generalize the whole world. We have an international team from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

You can trust us with our reviews and recommendation, because our job is to find out what is the most trendy, up-to-date offers and products that are available in your region that personally impressed our editors and these are experts in their own category.

Every single research is done manually by our editors and not done through any automatic ways to generalize our findings. We cover categories from home and living, home appliances, tech gadgets, beauty products, food/drinks and more.

Lastly, we want our readers to have fun reading our content! We believe in delivering content that is easily digested, straight to the point and not too lengthy for our readers to understand the main point of the products. We might even recommend you products that you did not know existed or probably did not know you needed one.

We also welcome you to give suggestion, feedback and reviews on our site. Please write us at [email protected] for any questions that you have.

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