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Conquer the World With These 10 Stylish High-Waist Jeans

Not everyone can look cool… But hey, it’s in my jeans!

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From a sister to another, we know the headache that comes with finding the right jeans for your body because it’s not an easy job. We’d always find ourselves compromising either style for comfort or the other way around. But there’s no need for that anymore! High waisted jeans are here and they’re all you ever need. We’ve searched all over the web for you and all you have to do is to pick the ones you love best from those listed below.

Affordable High Waisted Jeans
1. Penshoppe High Waist Jeans In Dark Wash
Affordable High Waisted Black Jeans
Updated on 14th October 2020

They say when you’re young, it’s the best time to play with fashion and try as many new things as you can. Saying that, we understand the struggle saving money while keeping up with fashion trends. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! These affordable jeans look as good as a pair of RM200 jeans you can get in stores. It has a faded design on it which leaves a timeless feeling and matches well with graphic tees.

RM 273.90

Best Ripped Jeans

After a while, high waisted jeans may seem boring and out of style because of its plain design. However, ripped jeans brings the denim game to another level. It can make simple, plain jeans look cool with the torn design all over. The slim fit of the jeans embraces every curve of your body and you will be able to style it with ease.

High Waisted Bootcut Jeans
Dorothy Perkins
2. Dorothy Perkins Regular Bootcut Jeans
High Waisted Bootcut Jeans
Updated on 16th October 2020

Ladies, bootcut jeans are coming back in style – you heard it here first. We’re so used to wearing skinny jeans nowadays that bootcut jeans just look unattractive and weird to us but firstly, they make your legs look super long. Plus, they’re a classic. You can never go wrong with a classic! Icons from Spice Girls to Kate Hudson wore and rocked them. So if they can, we’re sure you can too!

High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans
3. Levi's 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans
High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans
Updated on 21st December 2018

We’ve seen the 50 shades of blue for jeans. Nowadays, denim is no longer in the boring shades of blue and comes in many colours. However, as I say with every fashion piece, black is and will always be timeless and beautiful. Something that you can pair with everything, no matter the type or shade of top you match it with. The same goes with these jeans which has a solid black tone with a basic jeans design, nothing too fancy and can be worn daily everywhere.

High Waisted Petite Jeans
4. TOPSHOP Petite High Waisted Ripped Jamie Jeans
High Waisted Petite Jeans
Updated on 7th October 2020

Shopping for jeans is already a huge headache, with all the different types, shades and styles, it’s even worse when you are a petite woman. We feel you! We get how it’s a struggle to have to either tailor your own pants all the time or shop at the kids section to get a pair a jeans, and frankly, it’s quite embarrassing. Fret not, as there are some stylish petite jeans for petite women out there like this one. These jeans have a stylish rip design at the knees and stops just above your ankles. It is lim fit to ensure that it stays on well.  

High Waisted Blue Jeans
5. Eyescream High Waist Cropped Wide Leg Jeans
Best High Waisted Blue Jeans
Updated on 21st October 2020

Cropped jeans are a common no-no for many and, to be honest, it is a fashion risk. Why so? Pairing and styling them can be quite tricky as they may not work well with all tops. However, if you can find the right pair, they are perfect to wear if you want to show off your footwear. This pair of jeans has frayed hems at the bottom and three buttons at the waist that style the whole look. If you’re a fashion risk taker, I dare you to get this.

High Waisted Skinny Jeans
River Island
6. River Island High Waisted Skinny Jeans
Best High Waisted Skinny Jeans
Updated on 14th October 2020

Remember when skinny jeans took over bootcut jeans and they were the only things we wore with everything back then? Well, guess what? They’re still in now and looks just as fabulous as they did years ago. And what’s better than to have it as high waisted jeans?

You can basically pair these dark denim jeans with everything from a simple graphic T-shirt to a dressy crop top for a night out. The contrast stitching on the jeans emphasizes the details of the jeans such as the buttons and it is a comfy wear for a long day.

River Island Rip Harper High Waisted Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans
Miss Selfridge
7. Miss Selfridge Steffi Acid Blue Super High Waist Jeans
High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans
Updated on 19th October 2020

Acid wash jeans were one thing that came and never left – thankfully. Compared to the earlier days, acid washed jeans are now more subtle and sophisticated looking. The chemical washed jeans can up any outfit – from a basic tee to a frilly shimmery top and it can be worn to the supermarket or to the club. These jeans are slim fit, and they have pockets – real pockets – on them as well. With the acid wash, the jeans play with both the soft and dark tones of the denim perfectly.

High Waisted Elastic Jeans
No Brand
8. House Of Bubblegum Ronnie Raw Finished Jeans In Light Blue
High Waisted Elastic Jeans
Updated on 13th October 2020

Don’t think we forgot about all you curvy ladies. We’re here for all of you. We know how high waisted jeans are saviours to curvy ladies as it helps keep the extras in but there are times they are too tight and none to fit our waist size. Give these elastic jeans a go! You will be able to stay comfortable in it all day long. Even better, this pair of jeans comes in three different colours because we know that as all women come in different shapes, we all have different tastes as well.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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