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8 Best Mini Rice Cookers Below RM 100 Perfect for Students

It’s not difficult to look for a rice cooker but it’s a lot more challenging for students who are away from home, whom would like to prep his own meal in his room. If you are a student or someone who is simply looking for a mini rice cooker under RM100, then check out this list of little kitchen helpers that go easy on your pocket and make cooking a lot easier.

How about a warm bowl of porridge for breakfast before heading off to class? This mini rice cooker has a capacity of 1.2 litres, which is perfect when cooking for one. Made of PP plastic, this cooker will not leach harmful chemicals into foods. The handle makes it easy for it to be carried around, say, from your study desk to your bed. Other than cooking one-pot stews; you can boil eggs and even fry veggies in this rice cooker.

This little rice cooker is slightly taller than the previous rice cooker because it has 3 layers and these layers complete three functions at the same time. While it's cooking rice, it boils soup and steams your favourite dish. It is surely multifunctional and with the handle, it is very portable. With this little helper, it's easy to have a meal that fulfils your food pyramid.

The squarish design of this cooker makes it easier to be placed at any corner of your room. With its microcomputer panel, you can be sure to leave your cooking unattended and in the safe hands of this non-stick rice cooker. In the mood for cake? Just whisk the ingredients separately before pouring it into this rice cooker and your cake will be ready in no time. Sweet!

Made from PP plastic, this 3rd generation cooker does one-pot wonders. Its 1.2litres capacity is perfect for cooking for one and even for two! With only 350 watts of power usage, this rice cooker helps to save energy and cooks your meal real fast too. You can even get experimental and make your own dessert using this portable mini rice cooker.

5. Milux 0.3L Mini Rice Cooker
Updated on 12th August 2020

Is there any rice cooker that is really small? Yes, there is! This rice cooker has only a capacity of 0.3 litres and if you like all things small and classical, this is the rice cooker for you. The transparent glass lid allows you to peek through to see the kind of storm the rice cooker is cooking up. Having a mini shabu-shabu session in your room is definitely much cooler now with this cooker!

This rice cooker doubles up as a lunch box and that means enjoying the comfort of a warm meal after class at just about anywhere. This mini rice cooker cooks rice a little differently as it requires a water bath but the rice will still taste just as good. It also comes with an egg tray for boiling eggs, which makes it easier to boil eggs without having to drop them into hot water.

7. Elba Mini Rice Cooker
Updated on 12th August 2020

Elba has much more to offer than just regular size rice cookers. Meet its mini rice cooker! It has a simple outlook but it does wonders too; from prepping rice to porridge and other one-pot dishes. You can reheat your meal with just a click on its one and only button. It’s seriously as easy as ABC!

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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