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Bring 90s Fashion Back With These 12 Choker Necklaces

A — very fashionable — blast from the past.

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In recent months, we have seen a revival of 90s fashion including the comebacks of ripped jeans, ballet flats, and cropped tops. There is nothing, however, that we are more excited about than the renewed appreciation for the ultimate 90s accessories: chokers. Here are 12 gorgeous chokers from today to remind you the wonders of the 90s. 

1. Rhinestones Ball Choker Necklace
Updated on 15th October 2020

This understated gold choker with embellished detail is a minimalist’s dream comes true.  It is something easy to throw on to elevate your outfit from everyday to looking like you are Fashion Week-ready without going overboard.  

2. Basic Korean Oblige Lace Black Choker
Updated on 14th October 2020

Channel your inner Korean drama heroine with this simple lace choker. The detailed lace embroidery in black will match just about everything in your wardrobe.

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3. Heart Chain & Sheer Woven Choker Set
Updated on 20th October 2020

They say that there is beauty in simplicity and we tend to agree with that sentiment when we look at this sweet set of chokers. Wear them separately or layer them to add a feminine touch to your look.

4. Choker Baizuri Black
Updated on 12th August 2020

They say, go big or go home. Well, honey, we ain’t going home when we have this statement piece on. At least, not until everyone has had a load of the striking design. While this piece is bold and chunky in its entirety, a closer look will reveal the delicate and intricate workmanship.

5. Flower Embroidery Wrap Choker
Updated on 14th October 2020

This self-tie floral choker reminds us of one of the ultimate early 90s band, Guns N’ Roses with its rose motif. Pair this with some blue denim to relive the glory days of the 90s.

6. Gigi Camel Choker
Updated on 19th October 2020

This faux-leather piece is the ultimate date night accessory. The gold accent adds a touch of old world charm and the ultimate polish to an otherwise casual piece. Definitely a great addition to your accessories collection!

No Brand
7. Triangle Geo Choker Necklace
Updated on 16th October 2020

This dual-layered choker is the epitome of quiet beauty. The delicate geometric pendants catch both the light and the eyes. You could not go wrong with this exquisite design.

8. Burgundy Wide Velvet Choker
Updated on 20th October 2020

Add a pop of color with this wide band choker in gorgeous burgundy. The velvety material ensures comfort and is sleek enough for all occasions — from brunches to a night out.

Ball Basic
9. Ball Basic 925 Silver Rose Gold Plated Choker Necklace
Updated on 20th October 2020

Will our obsession with rose gold ever cease? Not when we are presented with this beauty! This subtle piece is all about making quiet, yet powerful (fashion) statement. Perfect to complete any outfit.

No Brand
10. Etched Leaf Choker Necklace
Updated on 15th October 2020

We are a huge fan of designs that draw inspiration from nature and this piece is no exception. The gold leaves with its intricate details is a stunning addition to any look.

11. Gothic Tassel Black Lace Necklace
Updated on 12th August 2020

While this gothic-inspired choker reminds us of the Victorian era, the very best thing is that it is still very fashionable today. Put this on for the best of both eras.  

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