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Best Cheongsam Styles Malaysia - Common Mistakes

10 Best Cheongsam Dresses & Shops in Malaysia -2024 CNY

 As the Lunar Year draws closer, so begins the excitement of scouting for the best and nicest Cheongsam dresses to wear at relatives' and friends’ houses. 

Need a last-minute modern Cheongsam or a unique Batik Cheongsam to carry you into all the house-visiting and dinners throughout Chinese New Year? Thankfully, you can now shop for a range of Chinese New Year dresses online. You’d be surprised to find a range of attractive Qipao dresses and Cheongsams from various merchants online. 

Feel and look irresistibly good with these top Cheongsam shops in Malaysia that you surely don’t want to miss out on.  

Top 10 Cheongsam Dresses & Shops in Malaysia

Hook Clothing

Started off with selling tank tops for only RM5, Hook Clothing today stays true to its founding objective which is to sell affordable yet fashionable pieces. The Malaysian brand occasionally sells Cheongsams and other chic fashion pieces, including masks, that are value for money yet able to withstand time.

Check Plaid Floral Long Cheongsam price below:


Looking for a floral Cheongsam? For a classic, girl-next-door look, this plaid-design cheongsam dress is adorned with daisy flower prints and comes in either a shade of soft pink or blue, fitted with a back zip behind for that fitted look. While designed with thigh-high slits at each side of the dress, the outfit overall is also modest-looking enough for family visits.


  • Colours: Pink, blue,
  • Material: Stretchable Cotton Poly Blend
  • Designed with: cap sleeves, side slits, hidden back zipper closure
Check Maroon Plaid Floral Long Cheongsam price below:


If you ever need a cotton Cheongsam that'll stay relevant with you for a few years, you won't go wrong with a red colour one. This long Cheongsam sports a classic silhouette with thigh-high slits at the sides of the dress. Even if you aren't visiting relatives or enjoying Lunar New Year activities, this dress is suitable for dinner date occasions too.


  • Colours: Red
  • Material: Stretchable Cotton Poly Blend
  • Designed with: cap sleeves, side slits, hidden back zipper closure

Air Space

The Taiwanese brand is lauded for its great quality pieces that are suitable for everyday chic wear. It's no surprise that their Cheongsam pieces are just as highly sort-after! Air Space also makes two-piece Cheongsams as well as the traditional silhouette ones. Come here if you want timeless pieces!

Check AIR SPACE Elecher 2 Way Embossed Short Dress price below:


Do you like Cheongsam patterns and their clothing detailing but not necessarily the dress style? If you're a fan of fusion pieces, this off-shoulder dress is a must-have for an outlier like you!

Fitted with detachable bra padding and a back zipper at the back, this dress is designed with mandarin-collar buttons and embossed patterns. The fit is flexible for many sizes since it's slightly elastic at the waist as well. Too cute to pass on this one for your day dates and all!


  • Colours: Pink, blue
  • Material: 95% polyester fiber, 5% elastic fiber
  • Designed with: Bra padding (detachable), sliding rubber strip design on the chest, attached zipper and elastic at the back, elastic at the cuffs and waist
Check AIR SPACE Off-Shoulder Floral Chiffon Cheongsam Short Dress price below:


For a modern and carefree cutting without the mobility restrictions that usually come with a Cheongsam, this short Chiffon-designed piece has a skate-dress bottom for that flared-out, casual look. With a halter-neck design, the dress is also slim-fitting in design to show off your curves.

And when you're done with Chinese New Year activities, this pieces looks great for everyday wear too!


  • Colours: Purple, blue
  • Material: 100% polyester fiber
  • Designed with: Zipper back, elastic waist

L'zzie Malaysia

Inspired by the quaint ambience of Parisian countryside life, L'zzie's pieces are designed to be timless and chic. The Singaporean brand has pieces ranging from traditional to modern pieces that are great for various occasions, including Chinese New Year Cheongsams. They also make Cheongsam for kids!

Check L'zzie Gwyneth Detachable Collar Cheongsam Dress price below:


Who says a Cheongsam should maintain its traditional elegance? These days, it has an added modern touch that makes it just as breath-taking as its traditional predecessors.

This L'zzie Cheongsam dress sports ruffles for its sleeves to add a modern flair for an outfit that would be suitable for daytime events and such. Of course, this is great for family events too which will turn heads for its contemporary design.

To add, the unique part of this Cheongsam is that it has a detachable mandarin collar. You’ll just need to detach the collar by unfastening the buttons all around the collar. And, voila! Your Cheongsam has now turned into a brand-new chic dress!


  • Colours: Pink, blue
  • Material: 100% Cotton and Polyester Blend
  • Designed with: Detachable collar, round neckline, tiered ruffles at the sleeves and waist
Check L'zzie Juniper Detachable Collar Cheongsam Romper price below:


For the ones who do not want to wear a dress; this cute romper might suit you. It's also fitting for a day out!

The L'zzie Cheongsam Romper, like other Cheongsam dresses from the brand, also sports a detachable mandarin collar whereby you can take it off the outfit and it becomes "another" outfit. Short and sweet, the romper is designed with ruffled sleeves and a hidden back zipper to easily let you slip into and out of quickly.


  • Colours: Pink, blue, yellow
  • Material: 100% Cotton and Polyester Blend
  • Designed with: Detachable collar, round neckline, slight ruffles at the sleeves

B+ Brands (BEBE)

If you're in need of an evening gown or dress that doesn't break the budget, you have to check out BEBE, which stands for Beauty, Elegant, Bold, Eternity. Available as online and physical stores, BEBE's dresses are everyone's best friend when it comes to elegant pieces, and that extends to Cheongsams too!

Check BebeBeige Sleeveless Chinese Cheongsam price below:


Whether it's for a casual-formal function or a date, this Cheongsam piece would back you up for the days when you don't know what to wear.

While its silhouette and colours are simple and subtle compared to many other flashy Cheongsam colours, it's fitting for most occasions, even for weddings! The ribbons adorned along the Mandarin collar line make it chic-looking and outstanding too.


  • Colours: Brown, black
  • Material: N/A
  • Designed with: Regular fit, back invisible zip, sleeveless
Check BebeBeige Sheer Short Sleeve CheongSam price below:


Bishop (puffed) sleeves on clothing just look so regal, and if that's your taste as well, then opt for this piece which has a sheer neckline to create a halter-like effect. The dress is designed with a regular fit silhouette with a short hem, allowing you to move freely compared to traditional or long Cheongsams. It's great for most casual and smart-casual events too!


  • Colours: Pink, White
  • Materials: N/A
  • Designed with: Regular fit, back invisible zip, sheer sleeve

Eastern Classic Malaysia

For everything Cheongsam, you have to check out Eastern Classic. They produce classic and traditional pieces that are affordable, yet with modern and classic patterns. Their dresses are also perfect for many occasions, so you get to enjoy your Cheongsam for a longer time. One great thing about Eastern Classic is that they have plus-size Cheongsams too!

Check Eastern Classic - RuYi Qipao Cheongsam Shanghai Gingham price below:


A Cheongsam, be it red or blue, that manages to stay subtle yet eye-catching is a winner in our books.

The Ruyi Qipao series dons an almost neutral tone palette despite being available in many patterns and colours.  Regardless, the series sports a regular classic fit that'll suit any lady who wants a simple Cheongsam for any event.

This one featured here has a plaid-Gingham designed Cheongsam. If one looks closely, there are also little flower patterns along the dress's lining. This is certainly a Cheongsam for those who appreciate simplicity and quality.


  • Colours: A variety including red and blue
  • Materials: 100% cotton lining
  • Designed with: Red gingham checks with printed small flowers, Invisible fastening (zipper) at the back
Check Eastern Classic - QiRui Qipao Cheongsam price below:


Want to have a unique yet classic Cheongsam look? Opt for this one which has double-sided fronts. Although designed with multi-layer sheer lace material on the outside, the dress has a cotton inner lining to make it comfortable for all-day wear. The peach colours and metallic treads used in the dress does give it a touch of contemporary flair as well.


  • Colours: Peach & blue
  • Materials: N/A (Includes cotton lining)
  • Designed with: Double sided front, embroidered peach floral lace with metallic thread, invisible fastening (zipper) at the back


- What is the difference between a qipao and a cheongsam?  

Although both Qipao and Cheongsam refer to the Chinese-designed garment that features a mandarin collar, these two terms are often used interchangeably. However, they stem from different origins.  


This is a Mandarin name for “banner robe”. It was used to define the robes worn by Manchurians. On that note, the Qipao is actually related to the Manchu robe called, ‘changpao’, which was worn by the Han Chinese men and women in the early Qing Dynasty. 

The Manchu qipao is not form-fitting, and they were loose-fitting to hide a woman’s figure. As years passed, the qipao evolved to feature a Chinese collar, body-hugging silhouette and a sexy slit. 


On the other hand, Cheongsam derives from Cantonese which translates to “long gown”.  It was initially used to describe loose-fitting ‘dress shirts’ that were worn by Chinese men in the early 1900s. 

These days, the Cantonese word now describes it as the Chinese national dress worn by women. 

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