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Jom Lepak With These 6 Malaysian Card and Board Games

Kill the boredom with these unique Malaysian tabletop games!

I'm sure you've all heard (and played) popular games from overseas such as Monopoly, UNO, and Cards against Humanity. But how many of you have actually played local games other than congkak? If you think local games are boring, think again! We've compiled a list of the most interesting Malaysian games for you and your friends to enjoy!

Check The Lepak Game by Rojak Culture price below:
add_circle Easy to play
add_circle Sparks conversations
remove_circle Need to be quite familiar with Malaysian culture

The Lepak Game by Rojak Culture is Cards Against Humanity, with a Malaysian twist. The game is simple and straightforward. The ‘Boss’ of the games deals 8 cards to each player and displays a prompt card. Each player will then choose a response card for the prompt and try to bodek the boss to pick their card.

The boss selects their favourite card and the winner becomes the next boss. With pop culture references you’ll actually understand such as “Listen! Listen! Listen!”, this game is great to play with your Malaysian friends. So sit back, lepak, and enjoy the Malaysian-ness of the game!


BONUS!  The Lepak Game Expansion Pack 1.0

But wait, there’s more! Rojak Culture just released an all-new expansion pack on 9th December. This expansion pack consists of 100 new cards including power cards to add more kuah to your game! 

Check Parang by Beast of Borneo price below:

Channel your inner warrior with this Borneon inspired head-hunting game. Challenge other players using traditional Dayak warrior equipment such as the parang (sword), topeng (mask), bulu (hornbill feather) and many more. Players try to collect as many Antu Pala (Head Trophies) as possible by playing a familiar rock-paper-scissors concept game.

Go head-to-head with another player or play this game with up to 4 people in this unique card game. Don’t let the weak cards get you down because even the weak cards can turn the tables if you play them right.  

Check Kleptopoly by C4 Center  price below:

Move over, Monopoly – there’s a new board game in town! Inspired by Malaysia’s very own infamous 1MDB scandal, this board game aims to educate the public on anti-corruption initiatives and the importance of asset declaration. Those who have played Monopoly will be no stranger to this game, with luxury properties and chance cards, Kleptopoly imitates Monopoly’s game flow.

Let the all-knowing Raja Bomoh determine your fate in this game with the holy grail of chance cards, you can choose not to declare your assets! Invest in properties tied to the 1MDB investigation such as Beverly Hills mansions and Park Lane Hotel in NYC. Ong means prosperity – these cards determine whether your property is clean or corrupt! May the cleanest and wealthiest politician win the game!

Check Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager by Boxfox Games (Coming Soon!) price below:

Be the savvy entrepreneur of your very own supermarket in this brilliant and original deck-building game. Like any other deck-building game, each player starts out with a set number of cards. Stock up your supermarket, purchase inventory and hire staff to fulfill market demands. Be the richest supermarket tycoon in town to win the game! This game is not available yet but you can pre-order it by messaging Boxfox Games on Facebook.

Check Congkak price below:

And of course we just had to include the classic congkak. Every Malaysian knows this game, but how long has it been since you've last played it? Experience a blast from the past with this traditional Malaysian game!

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