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Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Price in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 & Buds3 Pro: Bringing Galaxy AI To Your Tunes?

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Aside from Samsung's announcement on the new Galaxy Z series, their latest top-of-the-line earbuds also come with new generations that continue to provide music lovers a choice for a seamless, clear and wireless audio experience in the form of the Galaxy Buds3 & Buds3 Pro.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds3 series brings a new communication experience powered by Galaxy AI, revolutionizing how we connect and interact with our world.

The Galaxy Buds3 series is built with a new computational design that ensures a comfortable fit. The sleek premium blade design, complemented with Blade Lights, caters to style-centric consumers. This design allows for intuitive controls by pinching or swiping up or down on the blade, blending convenience with aesthetics.

For comfort, the Galaxy Buds3 Pro offers both a Canal Type design for immersive sound, while the Buds3 features an Open Type design, ideal for extended use in various situations.

Galaxy Buds3 Pro is equipped with advanced hardware to deliver a premium audio experience. It features enhanced 2-way speakers with a planar tweeter for precise high-range sound production and Dual Amplifiers for crystal-clear sound on the go. With Ultra High Quality Audio supporting a doubled sampling rate with the SSC codec, you can enjoy high-resolution audio in superb detail. This high sound quality extends to phone calls, too. The Galaxy Buds3 series uses a machine learning-based pre-trained model to restore the speaker's original voice in noisy environments, offering rich and natural calls with the Super-Wideband Call feature.

With the Galaxy Buds3 series paired with the Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6, you can activate Interpreter in Listening mode to have the lecture translated directly into your ears. This feature breaks down language barriers, making learning more accessible and inclusive.

Voice Command adds convenience, allowing you to control functions like playing or stopping music with just two spoken words, eliminating the need to manually touch the earbuds or a connected smartphone. The Galaxy Buds3 series also intelligently optimizes sound. The microphones in the Buds3 series analyze internal and external sounds in real-time to enhance sound and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) quality through Adaptive EQ and Adaptive ANC.

Whether you're listening to music or in a noisy environment, the Buds3 Pro's Adaptive Noise Control, Siren Detect, and Voice Detect features automatically adjust to deliver the optimal audio experience.

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Series Colour & Design

Both the Galaxy Buds3 and Galaxy Buds2 Pro come in two colours:

  • Silver
  • White


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Price & Pre-Order Promo: Samsung Galaxy Buds3 & Buds3 Pro

The Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are available for pre-order now at a price of RM599 and RM999 respectively. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds3
Galaxy Buds3 Series Price in Malaysia
Check Samsung Galaxy Buds3 price below:
Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro
Galaxy Buds3 Series Price in Malaysia
Check Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro price below:

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