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Samsung Galaxy Buds3 series Review Malaysia

First Impression: Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Series—New Design, New Profound Power

There's even better news if you're using the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 with these!

Continuing on the succession of the popular Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is the new Galaxy Buds3 Pro—but that's not the only earbuds that Samsung is launching. The Galaxy Buds3 series comes in two variants, the Pro and the base, and both definitely look different from their predecessors, with a new stem design for better microphones and precise controls.

Without further ado, here's our first impression of the Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Series—yes, both of them!

Samsung Galaxy Buds3
Galaxy Buds3 Series Price in Malaysia
Check Samsung Galaxy Buds3 price below:
Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro
Galaxy Buds3 Series Price in Malaysia
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The design department saw the biggest change this time around. At a glance, the case of the Galaxy Buds3 Pro's body has the same smooth plastic material feel that seems to be of good quality.

Now with the earphones themselves having elongated stems, this new Buds3 Pro design might just fit on most ear anatomy better and securely compared to the "bean" shape in previous generations. Not only that, the stem design is probably the main reason why Buds3 Pro now has improved battery life. Overall, seems like a good choice.

Besides that, the Galaxy Buds3 Pro has what Samsung calls Blade Lights, which makes it easier to control the earbuds by pinching or swiping up and down the blade, instead of tapping and praying for the best.

Not to mention, we think that the upright design case for the Buds storage, compared to the lay-flat storage we see in Buds2 series, probably lent a hand in ensuring the Buds3 Pro is easy to take out.

Performance & Features 

In terms of audio quality, the earbuds support 24-bit Hi-Fi sound experience for wireless listening, granting you 256x more sound data compared to the regular 16-bit. Like the Buds2 Pro, this feature is only useable with a Samsung phone. It's also enhanced with Samsung's 360 Audio system to give you a theatre-like sound quality.

But as always, we can't forget Galaxy AI. When paired with the Galaxy Z Fold6 or Galaxy Z Flip6, you can access Intepreter (the Galaxy AI real-time translation for audio) while wearing the Galaxy Buds3, so you can interpret foreign languages without having to point your phone awkwardly at the other person. With the holiday season coming up, we'll definitely be trying this out for ourselves!

Besides that, the Buds3 Pro can also identify and collect surrounding sound and automatically adjust your sound modes through Adaptive Noise Control, Siren Detect, and Voice Detect!

Like the Buds2 Pro, the Buds3 Pro is also made with recycled materials, with more than 90 per cent of all the plastic components in the Galaxy Buds3 Pro made of recycled materials. 

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