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Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Review

First Impression: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra—Bigger, Better, But... Also Kinda Familiar?

No rotating bezel, but we get an Action Button!

The previous Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series was at the top of the pedestal for its comprehensive health monitoring systems, focused on helping users achieve their wellness goals.

Now, on top of more new AI-supported features, Samsung has launched its first-ever Ultra watch, the Galaxy Watch Ultra, equipped with enhanced useability and functionality in design.  

For this article, we will be diving into our first impression of the Galaxy Watch Ultra for a better understanding. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Review
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Design and Display

The Watch Ultra looks slightly different than Samsung's other smartwatches, with its squarish watch face with rounded edges. Although managing to retain sleek profiles, these watches have adequate viewing screens with a large 1.5", 47mm Sapphire glass display.

For a sufficiently bright screen for enhanced visibility and readability, the Watch Ultra has a Super AMOLED screen just like the Galaxy Watch7, also launched at Unpacked 2024 in Paris.

Unfortunately, Samsung has decided to remove the fan-favourite rotating bezel for the Galaxy Watch Ultra, instead replacing it with an action button that lets you access your most used or usually frequented apps.


The Galaxy Watch Ultra is packed with comprehensive health and wellness features, including well-loved Samsung apps like blood pressure and ECG monitoring. Of course, there are also sleep tracking and sleep coaching features for users to understand and improve their sleep patterns.

Powering the Watch7 series this time is the Exynos W1000 which would likely be the main support for a long battery life. Speaking of which, battery life this time is amped up to 590mAh, which makes it the smartwatch with the longest battery life in Samsung history. Depending on usage, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to last up to 100 hours—we'll have to test that out to find out if it's true!

As expected of Samsung, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is a promising smartwatch for regular and enthusiast users who need a durable smartwatch cum fitness tracker to keep up with them. If not, at least its smartwatch connectivity makes it a good lifestyle watch too.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Series!

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