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Google Vids

Google's AI Video Creator, Google Vids, Is Now Available For Testing

But only for selected Workspace Labs users!

Like everyone else in the tech scene nowadays, Google has jumped onto the AI bandwagon with Gemini, the company's own AI-powered assistant built right into the Gsuite. Gemini is currently available on Google Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Google Meet—and now it's coming for creative videos as well.

Unlike Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Google Vids is not a cloud-based video editor. Instead, it's a fully-fledged AI video creator, allowing users to create videos from pre- to post-production. That includes writing scripts, making storyboards, sourcing for stock footage on Shutterstock, and more. You'll also be able to edit your videos and add overlays, audio, text, and more and export the final product as MP4 files.

As part of Gsuite, Google Vids is also connected to the other Gsuite software, so you can write out your video prompt in Google Docs and ask Google to generate videos using assets in your Google Drive.

Google Vids was teased back in April, and it was quietly launched for testing last Friday to "a select group of trusted testers" on Workspace Labs with complete functions available. Google did not say when the AI video creator would be available to the public, only that they will "refine these experiences" before rolling it out to Gemini for Google Workspace plans.

Given that Gemini is a paid service, that means that Google Vids will probably not be available for free at all. That said, you can try out the AI assistant for free for 14 days if you sign up for the trial period, so if you're really interested in trying out Google Vids, that could be an option when it is officially rolled out later.

Will Google Vids actually make a difference in the content creation scene? Only time will tell.

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