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PUMA Speedcat Returns And Is Revving Up Your Summer Drip

A tribute to racing heritage

Get ready to gear up with PUMA as they bring back the Speedcat OG, a shoe steeped in motorsport history, just in time for summer 2024. Known for its significant impact both on and off the race tracks, the Speedcat has been a symbol of speed and style since its debut in 1999, originally designed to cater to the high-octane world of F1™ racing.

The relaunch features the classic low-top silhouette, now available in luxurious suede finishes in both black and red, paying homage to iconic F1 racing teams. These vibrant colourways not only recall the adrenaline of the tracks but also celebrate the fashion-forward aesthetic that has become synonymous with PUMA:

  • Embroidered Detailing: Each pair boasts a meticulously embroidered cat on the toe, reminiscent of the early 2000s racewear.
  • Gold Logo Accents: Subtle yet striking, the gold logos on the tongue and above the Formstrip infuse a touch of elegance into the athletic design.

The Speedcat seamlessly transitioned from professional racing gear to a lifestyle fashion staple, adorning the feet of style icons worldwide. Its aerodynamic shape and low-profile design have made it a favourite in major fashion capitals across the globe, influencing subsequent designs like the Drift Cat and Race Cat. To this day, it remains the best-selling PUMA shoe, a testament to its enduring appeal and versatility.

The face of the 2024 campaign, stylist Sierra Rena, perfectly embodies Speedcat's legacy of fearless self-expression and innovation. Her involvement highlights the silhouette's role not just as footwear but as a symbol of empowerment for a new generation ready to make their mark.

Sneaker enthusiasts and fashion aficionados can look forward to the following release dates:

  • Atmos KL Release: Starting 29 June 2024
  • Online Release at PUMA.com: From 13 July 2024 onwards
  • Retail Price: RM549

Anticipation is also building for additional colourways of the Speedcat, slated for release later in the year. Each new variant promises to cement further the Speedcat's status as a cultural and fashion icon.

For more details on the PUMA Speedcat release and to view the upcoming colourways, visit the PUMA official website or follow their social media channels. Dive into the legacy and let the Speedcat take your style to new speeds this summer!

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