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Computex 2024 - Intel Marches Forward With AI

It's our first day at Computex and we're starting with Intel

Intel has been the company leading the world of modern computing for the past several decades, and while the entire mobile landscape has changed in the last decade, Intel remains one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.

The conversation with Intel today started with a literal bang, and an introduction from Intel CEO Patrick P. Gelsinger, who proudly announced that Moore's Law, an observation from Intel founder Gordon Moore that says computer chips will double in power (well, transistors, but you know) every year.

Big Computers

Diverting from the more consumer-centric presentation from yesterday, Intel started their presentation with the announcement of Intel's data-center processor, the Intel Xeon 6. Not going into too much details, but this means about up to 4.2x performance from their previous generation, depending on what you're doing (the example they showed was video transcoding) while being twice as power efficient.

They've also introduced an AI chip - which can be used in tendem with their Xeon processors to build better private AI, much like what Nvidia is offering on Sunday, but with less cloud and more accessible in terms of price.

AI, Of Course

Yes, AI again - unsurprising since for the past few days we hear AI more than we do "thank you", rare in a country as polite as Taiwan. Patrick showed off a bunch of laptops that will come with Intel's upcoming, AI-powered Lunar Lake SOCs (SystemOnChip - basically CPU, NPU, GPU in one chip).

Patrick also threw in a bold claim, that Lunar Lake SOCs is capable of overpowering ARM SOCs, such as the Snapdragon X Elite from Qualcomm, both in terms of performance and even power efficiency. Claims that, obviously, we'll have to test it for ourselves eventually to find out.

AI For Desktop PCs

What's surprising for all of us, is that while AMD has only announced the Ryzen AI 300 for mobile, in Intel's product roadmap, they've included the Arrow Lake family of processors that will support desktop computers as well.

Arrow Lake is expected to be released in September this year.

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