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"Economic Value!" - Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KIN50LW (Review Malaysia)

Sharp is quite an industrial leader in the value-for-money home product realm among Asian households. Much like their TVs, fridges and likewise, we've been able to test and confirm that the same label can be applied to their air purifiers such as this one.

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- About Sharp KIN50LW Air Purifier

The Sharp KIN50LW air purifier comes with not just purification features, but also humidifying functions. When cleaning the air, it combines the power of Plasma cluster ions and 3 layers of HEPA filters to get rid of up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Not only that, but the air purifier also targets to remove odours and static which can be cumbersome. In essence, this air purifier is designed to help clean a space setting that's comfortable for the human's body internally and externally. 

Like many Sharp air purifiers, this one also employs its proprietary Plasmacluster Ion Technology; a feature that essentially release negative and positive ions into the air to clean the air more efficiently. The ions are capable of weighing down airborne pollutants onto surfaces or the floor, allowing the air purifier to suck and trap those pollutants better since they are stationary. 

Additionally, Sharp themselves have tested the ion technology to lower risk of mould growth, which is a win for humid countries like Malaysia!

Check out the video on the mould test here!

- Why Get This?

  • This air purifier is quite economical in value due to filter replacement and life span. It's also user-friendly and can function fully without the mobile app.
  • The air purifier is also packed with sufficient useful features that any household and weather would need at its price point.
  • It's also easy to use and set up, as well as efficient in performance, cleaaning the air fast during our tests.

This air purifier was tested to be one of the fastest in clearing both smoke and odour (under 5 minutes, smoke smell was gone while the perfume took under 40 minutes), as well as dangerous particles in the air like VOCs and CO2. While we could not access the complementary mobile app to control the air purifier (due to a technical issue), the buttons on it were intuitive albeit can be a little vague so it's still good to refer to the product manual.

For the most parts, we only went with "auto" mode since our office is fully air conditioned and that it's cold, so we did not test the humidifier function. But even so, the air purifier is capable of doing humidification reading whether you fill its water tank or not.

Keeping it simple, the air purifier also has a dedicated "Haze" function which would focus on clearing up stronger smoke smell fast. You can also choose to run it at low, medium or high speed fan. In our experience, the air purifier runs at low noise most of the time.

The Sharp KIN50LW Air Purifier is priced at about RM2,799, with its filter replacement details unknown (due to official names differing in different countries/region). Instead, lifespan for the three filters it uses are 10 years each.

According to Senheng Malaysia, an official retailer for Sharp, it listed the Sharp filters to be between RM200 - RM500 each. Without replacing the filters, the product's annual fee for 10 years of ownership is RM280 annually, so this is a very enoconomical air purifier!


  • This air purifier was tested in a 111 square-feet room with an air quality monitor, a scented candle and perfume.
  • Manual of instruction and info was based on the product's international name "Sharp KIN50EW Air Purifier".

Set Up

Our review unit did not come in a box, but the air purifier was intuitive enough to use at a basic level. For more settings and access, the air purifier actually supports smart mobile app features (SHARP AIR App on Apple Appe Store).

Unfortunately for us, we couldn't connect to the app as it requires us to physically activate a setting on our modem router which is not possible for our central modem that's shared across 3 offices. Nevertheless, the on-screen instructions to set up were clear and should not be problematic.

Within its features, the air purifier has a timer of 1 hour incremental or 12 hours. You can choose between 3 levels of fan speed, haze mode, humidifier activation and toggle between LED reading mode (percentage, point system etc). Since we couldn't access the phone app, we relied on the online manual thoroughly to efficiently utilise the air purifier.

- Design

Although plain in design, we find the KIN50LW Air Purifier to be nice in its size; big yet compact enough to be versatile for small to medium sized rooms at 150 - 250 square feet. Its white plastic material finish also does not smudge nor feels flimsy at all.

We also like that there are ergonomic built-in handles at the side to easily transport the air purifier. Even if you do not want to carry it, the air purifier comes with wheels (only moves horizontally) at the bottom. 

Key Info

  • Targeted pollutant & sensors: PM2.5 (3 digits) / dust, odour, humidity, temperature, light
  • Cleaning rate: 99.97% 
  • Rated Power: n/a
  • CADR: 60 -306 m³/h
  • Noise level: 17 - 51dB
  • Filter: Pre filter, Odour filter, HEPA filter
  • Coverage: Up to 409 square feet (38m2)
  • Filter recommended usage duration: up to 10 years
Check Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KIN50LW price below:
add_circle Good economic value
add_circle Easy to use (does not need mobile app to be fully utilised)
add_circle Lightweight and easy to port around
add_circle Fast in cleaning the air
We like the Sharp KIN50LW Air Purifier mostly for its economic value as well as its straightforward performance. Although we couldn't try its complementary mobile app, the purifier is able to function fully without it. Speaking of which, it has sufficient useful features that any household and weather would need at its price point, being that it has a haze and humidifying function as well. It's also easy to use and set up, as well as efficient in performance, cleaning the air fast during our tests.
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