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"Quite Low-Maintenance" - Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier Review (2024)

In the Malaysian market, Acerpure's home and living products (subsidairy of Acer) is fairly new, but they are quickly gaining traction.

The new Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier is introduced as a premium unit with advanced, updated sensors that detects, captures, and eliminates a bigger variety of harmful substances than its predecessor, the Acerpure Pro P2.

A difference between the two versions is that Pro P3's price is not as friendly as the Pro P2. But it's also not the most expensive one out there compared to other air purifier brands. So, is it worth it? Here's our review.

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- About Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier

The Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier uses a 4-in-1 HEPA13 filter system which includes a Pre-Filter, HEPA Plus Filter, HEPA 13 Main Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. With those, this air ourifier can clear airborne pollutants, allergens, and harmful particles. It also has a built-in ultraviolet (UV-C) light to reduce the chances of bacteria and viruses stuck in the air purifier so that only clean air flows out.

With real time sensors and monitoring activities, it works to detect VOC, gas, PM2.5, CO2 and Formaldehyde. The air purifier can also be controlled via a physical remote control or through the Acerpure Life smart app where users can look at their air quality surrounding and optimise settings and schedules.

This air purifier also has an ion function which activates when the air quality indicator turns yellow or red. 

- Why Get This?

  • We like the Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier for its ease of use right out of the box.
  • It's also quiet yet operates just as effectively when on silent mode (judging from its fan speed), so it should do well for general air purification purposes in the living hall or bedroom. 
  • It has many design features that deters dust collection. Therefore if you're someone who wants a very low-maintenance air purifier that doesn't need cleaning often, this is for you. 

In our tests, the air purifier clears harmful VOCs, smoke and CO2 pretty fast (within 5 minutes) but not so when it comes to odours like perfume (which took nearly 45 minutes to clear completely). Moreover, its complementary mobile app could do better to provide more information and accurate live-monitoring of air quality; results weren't immediate on-screen and that there were also frequent disconnections between the app and device. 

Not to mention, there's an ion feature which activates only when the air quality is detected as yellow (approximately 50-100 AQI) or red (100-200 AQI).

At the time of reviewing, ion-featured air purifiers are not exactly favoured due to lack of evidence that ionizers help with purifying the air, but they have been proven to help trap particles and that level of ozone (O3) emission has to be controlled.

Upon checking with them, Acerpure has assured that the feature (1) will only activate with high/bad AQI, and that (2) level of O3 is limited to only help weigh down particles to surfaces so that the air purifier can quickly trap them. With that, it shouldn't be a concern for users.

To note, the filter has a very long life of over a year (375 days). Priced at about RM599, the 10-year cost of this air purifier maintenance is still costly at approximately RM1198 per year.

[This air purifier was tested in a 111 square-feet room with an air quality monitor, a scented candle and perfume.]

Set Up

Right out of the box, the air purifier's ready to be used. Just plug it into a power outlet and make sure to have the air purifier at least 18-cm away from the walls. Setting it up with the mobile app (acerpure Life) is also straightforward; just follow the on-screen directions to pair the air purifier to the Wi-Fi and app. 

As mentioned earlier; we witnessed frequent disconnection between the device and the app, which meant we weren't able to enjoy continuous live-monitoring and reading on the app. This might be caused by the distance between the device and the modem, which was actually stated in the manual. Plus, operation is not affected if you choose to use the air purifier without app connection.

- Design

The air purifier comes in a black and copper shade that actually make it seem like part of an entertainment unit. Nevertheless, Acerpure has mentioned that its design is meant to deter the collection of dust and dirt immaturely, and we can see this being supported by the fact that the air purifier has a UV light feature.

To date, there is not much evidence that shows the usefulness of a UV light effective in cleaning the air, but we acknowledge that a UV light is still useful for maintaining the cleanliness of the air purifier's internal components.

At the top of the air purifier is the control screen that displays the current setting, as well as the ventilation grille and fan that helps to improve air-cleaning efficacy. At one side is a magnetic clip to attach the remote, as well as there's a leather flap to let you easily detach the air filter.

I am personally not a fan of the air vent grille look at the top of air purifier since this might cause one to misplace and drop the remote into within. 

- Performance


The air purifier is designed with a 4-directional ventilation fins in order to provide an almost 360-degrees air-purifying experience. As mentioned earlier, the air purifier also has a ventilation air grille at the top to allow for the fan to boost air-cleaning efficacy.

Having tested with a perfume and a scented candle, the air purifier took just a minute to clear smoke fumes, going from "moderate" to "good" right away. It also took 5 minutes to quickly lower the CO2 levels from 4000ppm (moderate) to 400ppm. When it came to perfume, it took nearly 45 minutes to get rid any hint of the scent.

Smart features

The app offers you quite a number of conveniences to easily access the air purifier, if you don't want to use the remote control.

Within the app, you can view air quality info for 3 reading: PM 2.5, Gas and CO2. You can also look at info graphs over the day or week (whenever the air purifier was turned on). Aside from that, you have the option to activate the on-screen remote control and activate smart mode, timer functions, UV light and child-lock.

You can also view the product manual and frequently asked questions in case you need help with troubleshooting.

Key Info

  • Pollutants targeted: Formaldehyde, PM 2.5 particles, VOCs, C02, bacteria and viruses
  • Cleaning rate: 99.9% 
  • Rated Power: 65W
  • CADR:700 CMH
  • Noise level: 24db - 57db
  • Filter: Pre-Filter + HEPA Plus Filter+ HEPA 13 Main Filter + Activated Carbon Filter, UVC LED Sanitizer
  • Coverage: Up to 1184 square feet (recommended 789 square feet)
  • Filter recommended usage duration: Approximately 9000 hours (375 days)
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Our Score

Check Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier price below:
add_circle Designed to be easy to clean and maintained (dust-free material)
add_circle Has wheels for easy transportation
add_circle Quiet operation without compromising on fan performance
remove_circle Expensive
The Acerpure Pro P3 Air Purifier is great for its ease of use right out of the box. It's also quiet yet operates just as effectively when on silent mode. Plus, it has a few physical design features that reduces dust collection, which means less cleaning needed. In our tests, the air purifier clears harmful VOCs, smoke and CO2 pretty fast (within 5 minutes) but can take quite some time to get rid of odours like perfume (nearly 45 minutes to clear completely). Moreover, its complementary mobile app could do better to provide more information and accurate live-monitoring of air quality. Nevertheless, this is a set-and-forget air purifier with long filter life. However, the value of owning it is still on the expensive side.
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