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Solution For Freshness — Omno Launches Luxury, Eco-Friendly Deodorant Line

Smell fresh, feel good

Malaysia is a country with unpredictable weather; from heat waves to rainy monsoons, Malaysians face the challenge of fighting sweat and body odour through this hot and humid climate. To address this issue, Singaporean wellness and beauty brand, Omno, presented their solution: a line of eco-friendly and natural deodorants combining luxury with sustainability.

Omno’s new deodorant line offers three options to serve different preferences and needs. The delicate Pureform is great for people of all ages, even those with sensitive skin since the deodorant is unscented. However, for those who want a more sense stimulating experience, the earthy Moonatic will evoke the essence of a moonlit forest thanks to its blend of petitgrain, cypress oil, and sage. The last deodorant, the invigorating Revival has a harmonious blend of zesty citrus and floral elegance which is infused with orange, jasmine, and cedarwood.

According to Omno, “We understand the importance of addressing body odour issues while prioritizing skin health and environmental sustainability. Our products are crafted with natural, plant-based ingredients to provide effective odour protection and promote overall well-being."

The way Omno’s deodorants work is by neutralising the bacteria that are causing the odours and absorbing the moisture via plant-based ingredients such as triethyl citrate and polyglyceryl-2 caprate. By inhibiting the “sweat binding site” on bacteria, the breakdown of sweat is prevented and ensures long-lasting freshness without compromising the skin’s ecosystem.

Omno is committed to using high-quality, natural ingredients which are certified by COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS), an organization that sets certification requirements for organic and natural ingredients for cosmetic products.

Thanks to Omno’s new deodorant line, Malaysians can now maintain healthy underarms while enjoying the scents and sustainable solutions. Redefining the expectation of deodorants, Omno offers products that don’t just protect but also pamper, combining daily routines with a healthy dose of environmental respect and elegance.

Omno’s new deodorant has two sizes for customers to choose from according to their needs. The 50ml option retails at RM59, and is just nice for on-the-go people, whereas the 120ml option is best for home use. Omno also offers a perfectly pocket-sized 5ml version as an added convenience. With ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed pea protein, these deodorants will hydrate, brighten, and defend underarms against damage caused by light.

If you are interested in knowing more about Omno’s new luxury deodorant line, visit their website for more information or to purchase the deodorant.

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