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Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap

Review: Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap — Switch Up Your Hair Routine

Everyday can be a good hair day!

I’ll admit that I’ve been tempted to get a heat styling tool on many occasions, especially after going through social media and seeing all the different styling tips. However, one thing that always stopped me was knowing that I always found it a chore to have to purposely style my hair after it was dry.

Plus, I’ve been using a really old conventional hair dryer for the past 10 years, and while it does get the job done, I’ve always thought I would appreciate something more. 

So, when I heard about the Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap, a multi-styler that came with different attachments you could use to dry AND style your hair at the same time, I was very intrigued. 

Would this really change my hair routine and my approach to hair styling? Well, I have to say, I think it did.

Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap Specifications

  • Max airflow speed: 22 m/s
  • Noise: <80db
  • Power: 1400W
  • Cord length: 2m
  • 6 different attachments

What is the HyperStyler?

The Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap is an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their hair routine. It has the ability to simultaneously dry and style your hair, cutting down time and minimising damage to your hair. For some people, it completely eliminates the need for harsh heating tools.

It comes with six different attachments for you to mix and match according to what you feel like doing as a hairstyle for the day, offering huge versatility to an otherwise mundane task. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • Main Body
  • Dryer Attachment
  • Left Curling Iron (32mm)
  • Right Curling Iron (32mm)
  • Volumizer Small (32mm)
  • Volumizer Big (60mm)
  • Detangling Brush

With three different temperature settings, ranging from 70 ℃ to 90 ℃, it’s capable of drying your hair pretty quickly without too much heat. There’s also a built-in smart chip to control temperature and prevent excessive heat damage, although I’m not sure if the presence of this posed a significant change when I used it.

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

So what did I think about Aria HyperStyler? It’s pretty fantastic. The overall design of the multistyler was easy user-friendly and incredibly easy to use. It’s also light, which meant that each time I used it wasn’t an arm workout.

One of the main problems I faced with the old hair dryer was how frizzy my hair would always end up after it was done, and the HyperStyler quickly tamed my frizz with ease. Plus, with the use of a heat-protectant hair oil beforehand, the results of softer and less frizzy hair were very apparent.

When it comes to the claim of an efficient multistyler that saves you time, it is indeed true. I previously never bothered much to style my hair due to time constraints and a lack of knowledge on how to use different heating hair tools. However, with the HyperStyler, I found myself more interested in using the different attachments.

My favourite pairing of attachments and daily routine was something like this:

  • Use the Dryer Attachment and blow my hair to about 75% dry
  • Swap to the Detangler and run it through once around my entire hair
  • Use the Big Volumizer to fluff up and style my (layered) hair

Occasionally if I felt like it, I would use the Curling Iron attachments to give my hair some curls and fluff it out after. For those times, I would wet my hair slightly and use the curling attachments as usual, followed by a cool shot. The cool shot, achieved by long-pressing the temperature button, was the final touch that set my hairstyle nicely.

Out of the three temperature settings, the one I used the most was the second warm setting. This is because I could often hear an odd buzzing noise whenever I used the highest temperature, which could be concerning at times. 

Honestly, I would recommend against using the highest temperature anyway, as the second setting is sufficient to dry my hair relatively quickly. Another reason why I wouldn’t use the highest setting is because the attachments tended to get very hot to the touch, which made swapping them a bit of a hassle.

All in all, this was an extremely nice addition to my daily hair routine. It was quick and easy to use and required just a bit of practice to master using the attachments by myself.

Check Airbot Aria HairStyler Hairwrap price below:
add_circle Reasonable price
add_circle Low noise level
add_circle Easy to use
remove_circle Attachments get too hot sometimes
If you're looking for a healthier, more efficient way to style your hair, the Airbot Aria HyperStyler Hairwrap is definitely worth considering. The multifunctional design allows you to dry and style your hair simultaneously, saving time and minimizing damage. With lightweight, easy-to-use attachments and a range of styling options, it's versatile enough to create any look you desire. While there are some minor drawbacks such as hot attachments and intense heat levels, the overall benefits outweigh these concerns.
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