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Estée Lauder Launches NEW Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Moisturizer

Revitalize your skin with collagen repair

The iconic Estée Lauder launches its latest addition to their Revitalizing Supreme+ line: the new Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Creme. Harnessing the power of night collagen repair, this revolutionary moisturizer maximizes the skin’s restorative hours, ensuring rejuvenated and youthful skin. 

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As night falls, the skin transforms, experiencing increased moisture loss and being susceptible to collagen damage, knowing this, Estée Lauder’s research shows that the skin’s natural collagen production peaks at night, starting the development of the CollaNight-8™ technology to support this natural rhythm.

The CollaNight-8™ is a potent fusion of eight powerhouse ingredients. This innovative formula kickstarts collagen production, shielding against collagen damage, and maximizing the skin’s bounciness and firmness. The unique bi-layer texture that transforms from dense to weightless once on the skin, delivers a luxurious experience with a delicate floral citrus scent. This formula enhances the skin’s barrier recovery and increases hydration, promising quick absorption without having it stick to the pillow.

With just one night, users experience a 15% reduction in lines, and 96% experience improved elasticity and bounce. The formula plumps and firms the skin, reducing necklines and wrinkles over time. With every application, the moisturizer promises an indulgent experience to ensure the skin looks and feels rejuvenated.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Creme is best used after serum, in the morning and the night. Priced at RM660 for a 75ml jar, this luxurious and transformative moisturizer is now available for purchase via the Estée Lauder website and Sephora stores & online.

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