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Discord ads

Discord Will Start Showing Ads This Week Dubbed "Sponsored Quests"

Capitalism, amirite?

Discord, the popular gaming and social platform, has announced plans to start displaying ads, marking a significant departure from its long-standing ad-free policy. The decision to implement advertising, dubbed "Sponsored Quests," aims to boost gaming-related and Nitro subscription revenue.

Sponsored Quests will involve partnerships with video game makers to offer users in-game or in-platform rewards for completing challenges while playing with friends on Discord. These quests will provide a way for users to earn rewards and engage with their favourite games in a new way. 

This move is likely to upset most users, especially those who have appreciated the platform's ad-free experience, but Discord has assured users that they will have the option to turn off the promotions in Settings, which is something their competitors aren't doing—however, this feature might only be available to Nitro subscribers.

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