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Malaysia to Roll Out AI Curriculum in Schools by 2027

Is Malaysia ready for AI to be introduced in schools?

The Education Ministry, chaired by Minister Fahdlina Sidek, has announced a major endeavour to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) classes into the national school curriculum starting in 2027. This initiative intends to provide students with a basic AI education, beginning in primary schools and progressing to secondary education.

The initiative was disclosed as part of the Ministry of Education's plans to include AI-related courses in elementary schools in order to build a workforce with the necessary skills for years to come.

Credits: Fadhlina Sidek, Facebook

As part of this curriculum revision, a new skill dubbed "Fasih Digital" or digital proficiency, will be added to the seven basic competencies that are already in place. Fahdlina emphasised the government's resolve to provide the Malaysian workforce with vital AI expertise and abilities to remain competitive in the worldwide digital marketplace.

In an interview with Harapan Daily, Fahdlina emphasised the need to develop digitally literate pupils who can apply computational thinking concepts to problem-solving and creativity. Artificial intelligence studies will be easily integrated into the academic programme, with elementary school children gaining an introduction to new technologies and digital topics. Secondary school students will investigate AI principles in a variety of areas, including computer science, information and communications technology, and design and technology.

Credits: Fadhlina Sidek, Facebook

Fahdlina emphasised the Ministry's commitment to constantly improving the use of technology and online educational platforms to guarantee learners are well-prepared to face future challenges and possibilities given by emerging technologies like AI. This proactive strategy seeks to cement Malaysia as a digital leader, with a talented workforce ready to prosper in an AI-powered environment.

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