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TTRacing Swift X Pro Review

Review: TTRacing Swift X Pro—Is It A Decent Gaming Chair?

A decent chair with a decent price tag

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Gaming chairs, how are they any different from a regular chair? Well, that usually lies in the design and build of the chair. For many gamers, it has become an essential piece of equipment, providing not only comfort during those marathon gaming sessions but also enhancing the overall gaming experience.

I had the chance to review the TTRacing Swift X Pro Air Threads Gaming Chair, which is one of the more affordable gaming chairs in the Malaysian market currently. After weeks of using the chair, here’s what I can say about it.


At first glance, the TTRacing Swift X Pro boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into any gaming setup. 

The fabric upholstery was comfortable to use in air-conditioned environments, which is important to point out as we noted that the fabric tends to retain heat, which can be a double-edged sword — while it offers good insulation for those prone to feeling cold, it may lead to discomfort during extended gaming sessions, especially in warmer environments.

One bonus was the material of the armrests, which provided a velvety feeling and was personally loved due to how nice it was to touch.

It had great visuals, felt premium to the touch and didn’t stray too far from many gaming chair designs, which for the price, is pretty nice compared to others on the market.


As for the build, the gaming chair impressed us with its sturdy construction. The hydraulics and base of the chair were durable and reliable, as tested whenever others tried shaking the chair with me on it. The wide base provides stability and comfort, and can likely withstand some intense gaming sessions.

At no point did I feel like I would fall out of the chair, which is great news, as I’m someone who likes to recline far back. In fact, the recline was so comfortable that I took a nap in it on multiple occasions. 

The wheels were smooth-rolling, which further enhanced the chair's manoeuvrability, allowing me to easily glide across different surfaces (in this case, wooden flooring) without any hiccups.


When it came to ergonomics, the first thing I asked myself was how I felt when sitting on the chair throughout the day. 

The very first thing that stood out to me was the armrests. They’re not rotatable or extendable, and can only be height-adjusted, which usually wouldn’t be an issue to me, but the problem was how long the armrests were. 

As someone on the lankier-limbed side, there was an awkward gap that made my elbows dangle mid-air, and only when I was very close to the table and my keyboard was it semi-comfortable (but not for typing). 

This also meant that my shoulders and neck would hurt after long periods, and required a lot of posture adjusting to sit through. If the armrests were extendable, this problem would have been resolved without much fuss.

Aside from that, while initially cosy, the slight inward curve of the seat may pose some challenges when it comes to getting in and out of the chair. It might also feel confining and pressed in on the stomach for some during longer usage.

Despite all that, the provided memory foam cushion offered decent lumbar support throughout the usage of the chair, which makes up for the lack of adjustable back support.

Check TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair price below:
add_circle Good cushioning
add_circle Nice recline ability
remove_circle Not extendable armrests
While the TTRacing Swift X Pro Gaming Chair excels in terms of design and build quality, its ergonomics leave something to be desired. It's well-suited for casual gaming setups and relaxation but may not be the ideal choice for gamers seeking a more dynamic and adjustable seating solution. Nonetheless, its premium materials and sturdy construction make it a solid option for those searching for both style and functionality in their gaming chairs.
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