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Panasonic Cordless Vacuum Paid story

Hate Cleaning Because The Vacuum is Heavy? You’ll Want These Panasonic Cordless Vacuums

Having a clean house doesn't have to be a struggle

Picture this: You’re cleaning your floors and by the time you’re done, it’s been one hour, and your wrists ache from holding the vacuum for too long, and your back feels like it's about to break from all the standing and squatting.

Cleaning the house can be a tedious chore. Oftentimes, with traditional vacuums, we find ourselves straining our bodies to manoeuvre the vacuum around the floor. Even with stick and cordless vacuums nowadays, they can still be heavy and bulky to use around the house. 

With all of that said, it comes as no surprise that many end up hating the task of cleaning (guilty as charged). So, if it’s heavy vacuums that you hate, then we’ve got a recommendation for you.

With Panasonic’s Cordless Vacuum series, cleaning doesn’t have to become a hated chore, especially thanks to their lightweight and ergonomically designed build.

They’re Made from Japan-Quality Lightweight Materials

Panasonic’s Cordless Vacuums are made of ABS and PP resin which is how they’re kept lightweight, with the lightest of the vacuums weighing only up to 1.3kg!

Designed with Float-lite Technology, it provides a 360° flexible floor cleaning function that makes it easier to manoeuvre efficiently around spaces. Whether it’s a tight-fitting corner or in-between dining chairs, you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving items to vacuum them.

Thoughtful, Minimalist Design For Easy Use

Having a minimalist design does not equate to a lower performance for the Panasonic Cordless Vacuum series. In fact, they are designed to be as easy to use as possible while blending right into your home’s aesthetics.

The series contains a dust box which eliminates the need for a dust bag, keeping the space needed inside the vacuums to a minimum. Plus, the compact and lightweight motor provides powerful cleaning but at barely a fraction of the weight that traditional vacuums have. 

Thus, the best quality materials can be used for the interior components, such as plastic and stainless steel, all of which help to contribute to an overall clean and intuitive design.

And if you want to know what’s the best part about Panasonic’s Cordless Vacuum series, it’s that they’re made with Japanese standards using the best quality materials – meaning you’ll be getting a long-lasting product that will aid you in easy cleaning for years to come.

Good Ergonomics For Comfortable Use

Even if a vacuum were made to be light, it wouldn’t be much help if the design makes cleaning tiring, slows down your schedule and affects overall cleaning performance. 

The handles on the Panasonic Cordless Vacuum series, especially the Panasonic MC-SB33JW147 and MC-SB53KH147, are ergonomically designed to offload the burden from our arms, which are usually tired whenever we use stick vacuums. Carefully crafted to maintain the centre-of-gravity balance, it reduces the overall weight of the vacuum cleaner on our hands, ensuring our wrists won’t feel the strain by the time we’re done cleaning.

Furthermore, the biggest ergonomic factor on the Panasonic Cordless Vacuum series is the motor assist – a nozzle with dual motors that helps it move forward easily, allowing you to clean the floor with little force every second. It will also effortlessly catch any hidden and stubborn debris in your carpets, so if you’re someone with carpeted floors, these vacuums will save you the hassle of not needing to clean with separate tools!

One-Size-Fits-All Floor Types

Speaking of nozzles, the ones in the Panasonic Cordless Vacuum series are meant to be a one-size-fits-all for most floor types. Whether it's tiles, carpets, or hardwood floors, all you would need is this one nozzle to complete your cleaning. 

If you need it, several Panasonic vacuum models even have Tangle-free Power Nozzles. They are designed specifically to avoid tangled hair getting stuck in the brushes, saving you time and hassle to clean them.

Models like the Panasonic MC-SB33JW147 also come with special dense brushes on the nozzle to scrape away both fine and stubborn debris from any surface, including tiles and carpets. 

Buy: Panasonic Cordless Vacuum Series in Malaysia

Whether it’s a strain on our back or our wrists, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the cordless vacuums helps to take off the burden of using heavy vacuums to clean. It makes cleaning our houses that much more enjoyable (and cleaner too!) without the hassle of carrying around traditionally-designed vacuums or bulkier, heavier stick vacuums.

Check Panasonic Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 price below:
add_circle Very lightweight; enables fast and efficient cleaning
add_circle Good for stubborn debris like pet hair in carpets
add_circle Sufficient dustbin capacity and battery life
remove_circle Difficult to clean dust box when hair gets tangled inside


For a one-stop solution to all your cleaning problems, Panasonic’s Powerful Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 allows you to easily clean hygienically. Thanks to the advanced stainless steel cyclone, it can powerfully vacuum dust and only expel clean air from the exhaust, ensuring dust and allergens won’t affect your health while cleaning!


  • Has Tangle-free Power Nozzle
  • Anti-bacterial brush with ion plate to capture static dust on surfaces
  • Built-in House Dust Sensor for invisible dust alerts
  • Fully washable dust box
  • Weighs 2kg and has a run time of up to 85 minutes
Check Panasonic Tangle-free Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB53KH147 price below:


For those constantly facing issues with pet fur or long hair around the house, the Panasonic Tangle-free Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB53KH147 is the perfect tool for you. With the Tangle-free Power Nozzle, cleaning up hair and maintaining the brush is made easier for homeowners! 


  • Utilises Float-lite Technology
  • Double conical shape nozzle provides tangle-free experience
  • Ergonomically shaped handle to reduce the burden on hands
  • Special dense bristles to scrape debris from tiles and carpets
  • Weighs 1.5kg and has a run time of 30 minutes
Check Panasonic Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB33JW147 price below:


Quickly and conveniently clean up any messes with the Panasonic Lightweight Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB33JW147, designed with Float-lite Technology so that you can move around efficiently. Due to the unique positioning of the vacuum rollers, this model is even capable of moving sideways!


  • Easy and light vacuuming with motor assistance
  • Multi-filtration system to expel only clean air from the exhaust
  • Has dense bristle nozzle for carpets and tiles
  • Ergonomically designed to be used in multiple ways
  • Weighs 1.3kg and has a run time of 30 minutes
Check Panasonic Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner MC-SBM20HV47 price below:


If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight stick vacuum, why not try out Panasonic’s Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SBM20HV47? Weighing in at only 1.6kg, this powerful vacuum is capable of capturing dust in every corner with 70W of suction power for a thorough cleaning. The attachments allow for versatile cleaning anywhere at any time, so say bye-bye to a messy house!


  • One nozzle for all floor types
  • Easy to use attachments for any surface
  • Replaceable four-cell lithium-ion battery
  • Weighs 1.6kg and has a run time of 40 minutes

[This post was made in collaboration with Panasonic Malaysia.]

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