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We Gave Away RM10,000 In The World's First AI Royale—Here's What Happened!

Galaxy AI for the win!

ICYMI, Malaysia’s first ever AI Royale hosted by ProductNation was held last month on 20 February 2024. During the event, we saw 24 participants race each other to get to the final prize: RM10,000 in cash!

And now, the final video is out:

Selection Showdown

What’s a scavenger hunt without a proper hunt? For the first round in AI Royale, our 24 participants are tasked to find the most important equipment they will need for the entire game: the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra! 

Four of these Galaxy AI-powered phones were hidden around the outside compound of the venue, waiting for their rightful owner for the day—but wait. Four phones? For 24 participants?

Let’s get back to you on that.

Anyway, back to the Selection Showdown; once the four Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultras were found and we’ve established the team leaders, we get to see Galaxy AI in action for the first time: in Samsung Notes with Note Asisst!

Inside each of the phones is a very, very long-winded article about the entire game. Think long meeting minutes written by someone with no concept of formatting—that’s what our team leaders are faced with. Thankfully, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is equipped with Galaxy AI, which has the very nifty feature of AI summarization. 

Instead of having to trawl through hundreds of words and get overloaded with information, our participants only had to figure out how to activate Galaxy AI in the Notes app (which isn’t even difficult. The Galaxy AI is right there at the bottom left.), and then read the very effective summary it gives for the most important point that will drive the game forward:

  • Team leaders will choose two teammates each to make a team of three.

So, there’s your answer to why there were only four phones available for 24 participants!

Right now, we have four team leaders; each of them will choose two other teammates out of the rest of the participants to make a team of three. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, that’s until you realise that these people technically do not know each other—they just met that very morning…

Over coffee and breakfast! Little did they know that this was also part of the game, where they were instructed to mingle and get to know each other. Just like in real life, success depends on teamwork as well as ingenuity, so the more they mingled, the better their chances of being chosen to move forward to the next round!

Of course, we didn’t tell them the true purpose of the breakfast session—where’s the fun in that if they went in knowing exactly what to do?

And so the selection begins…

And the others… well, unfortunately, were disqualified. If you’re doing the math, you’ll realise that that’s HALF of the participants that we started with.

Have we mentioned that competition is tight?

Pixel Fusion

The teams are set, and the game is officially on—those who managed to move on to the next stage of AI Royal now have to get through the next stage, which is Pixel Fusion.

Set in a messy office space filled with random photographs and papers, the two teams have to race against each other to put together the correct photograph that will allow them to advance to the next round. The individual photos were already in the phones—they just needed to know the correct composition and how to use Galaxy AI to their advantage.

With the power of Galaxy AI and Generative Edit on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the winning teams were able to isolate objects from different photos and compile them together to reveal a very crucial hint for the final game. Well, hint maybe an understatement—if you’re watching the video, you’ll know that it’s essentially a recreation of the final, where the ONLY winner will take home RM10,000!

The two fastest teams out of four will be the only ones to get to the next stage—the rest, again, are disqualified, which leaves us with only six participants.

Linguistic Quest

The next round is simple: the two remaining teams have to answer three questions about Galaxy AI, and the fastest team to answer all questions correctly will be the finalists to advance to the last two rounds.

But here’s the catch: they’ll be connecting to our foreign agents, who will ask the questions in Korean!

How are they going to answer the questions if they don’t even understand the question?

Remember what the whole game is called? Of course the solutions to AI Royale problems will be AI—specifically, Galaxy AI!

One of the most highlighted features of Galaxy AI is the Live Translate feature. With just the tap of a button, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users will be able to converse in more than 24 languages globally without worrying about the language barrier, because Galaxy AI is able to translate in real-time. 

The best part is, we didn’t need a constant Internet connection for this feature: just download the language packs beforehand and we were able to speak to our Korean agents anywhere, anytime!

Thanks to Live Translate on Galaxy AI, we know what the questions are:

  1. What are the sides of the Galaxy S24 Ultra made of?
  2. What is the AI feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra called?
  3. How to activate “Circle to Search with Google” on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Easy, right? 

As if we’d make it easy.

Linguistic Quest was set in a security room, which means there are piles upon piles of files, books and papers. Not only do our participants have to know the correct answer, they also have to hunt down the correct answer on the correct paper through all that junk!

This was actually one of the tensest games yet in AI Royale: things were definitely heating up, because only ONE team will be let through to the next stage, which means we’ll only be left with three participants!

Cipher Connect

Sure enough, we got down to the final teams—except at this stage, there were no more teams. It was each for their own now!

Our finalists were, from left to right, Parveen Sidhu, Wong Ing Wei, and Abhijay Menon.

Place your bets now, because only ONE of them will walk home with RM10,000. They might have been the best team throughout the game, but that’s all in the past now—the real game is on!

For the penultimate round that will put only two participants in the final round, our three finalist will have to use two Galaxy AI features on their Galaxy S24 Ultra: Live Translate and Circle to Search with Google.

Unlike Live Translate in the last round, here, the translation applies to text messages. Yes, Galaxy AI Live Translate can also translate text messages! Language barrier? Who dat?

Once again, our participants were faced with a foreign agent, who texted them a riddle in Thai. Thanks to Live Translate, we know that the riddle is:

I’m a box,

Keep a secret or treasure,

My color is like a dire truck or a blooming rose,

Catch me with gentle and careful,

What am I?

Translated with Galaxy AI

It took our participants a while to figure it out, but soon they were rushing about the art storage room looking for a little red box—only two of them were hidden in this room. Just like at the start, what’s a better way to end a scavenger hunt than a good ol’ scramble for treasure?

The two participants who succeeded in finding the red box were Parveen Sidhu and Wong Ing Wei. Meanwhile, Abhijay, who sadly lost out on the final scramble, was disqualified in this round—but he’s not walking home empty-handed! As the third-place winner, Abhijay will get RM1000 worth of Samsung products!

Final Game

Inside the little red boxes are little slips of paper showing a website where the code is hidden. The code will unlock only one of three briefcases that were hung on 10-foot tall ladders, and inside the briefcase will be the… wait for it… RM10,000! 

(Okay, not the actual cash due to legal reasons, but you get the idea.)

Either Parveen or Ing Wei will go home with the money, but first, they’ll need to find the code. Now, normally, when you’re sent a link on your phone, it’s just an easy matter of clicking on it to access the webpage, but what if the link was printed on paper and not a QR code?

You guessed it, Galaxy AI is here to the rescue again! This time, it’s our favourite feature, which is Circle to Search with Google. If you’ve been paying attention to the previous games, which hopefully our finalists were, you’ll know how to activate this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

For those out of the loop, it’s long press the home button and circle the thing you wanna search.

With Circle to Search with Google, Parveen and Ing Wei were able to access the website without having to type it out painstakingly in an address bar. All they had to do was activate Circle to Search with Google in the camera app and point the camera at the slip of paper—they didn’t even need to snap a picture!

The website in question is none other than the official Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra website. Look for yourself: there are so many numbers on this site. What is the code? 

Well, whether they figured out the code or not, they’re going to have to rush to the prize—hanging tantalizingly on high ladders. Three ladders, three briefcases, two people: who’s gonna win?

Even Umar forgot where we put the prize!

And finally, we have our winner: Wong Ing Wei!

All is not lost for Parveen, though. Even though she missed out on the RM10,000 by just a bad turn of luck, she has still won RM3,000 worth of Samsung products as the runner-up in the first-ever AI Royale.

Ing Wei, who will be walking home with RM10,000 in cash, says that he will be using the money for his newborn baby, which prompted a collective awww amongst the audience (and his former adversaries). Truly a good use of the money!

And there we have it: the world’s first AI Royale powered by Galaxy AI and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra concludes with its final prize winner going home with RM10,000. We started out with 24 participants; in just a short few rounds, we’re down to 12, 6, 3, and now ONE ultimate winner.

The full AI Royale video is out on ProductNation’s social media, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, so go check it out for more drama!

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