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Samsung Galaxy AI

How to Up Your Chat Game with Galaxy AI on the All-New Galaxy S24 Series

Language barrier? Say no more!

The Internet has made the world so much smaller—nowadays, it’s not surprising to find yourself talking to someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of your own home. The challenges with global connectivity, however, still remain: the biggest being the language barrier.

Thankfully, Samsung has a solution for that. The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series comes with the powerful and practical Galaxy AI. Galaxy AI takes most of our most pressing digital pain points and resolves them with the power of AI. Among others, the Chat Assist feature really helps in breaking down language barriers and refining the art of messaging, all without having to switch apps! 

Whether you're a globetrotter navigating foreign lands or a professional striving for impeccability in your digital correspondence, the Galaxy S24 series is your quintessential companion. Here's how you can leverage this technology to enhance your communication.

What is Chat Assist?

Galaxy AI’s Chat Assist on the Galaxy S24 series does two things: it harnesses on-device AI to help you translate your texts into different languages so you can communicate seamlessly with your foreign friends and colleagues. And yes, it works for both incoming and outgoing texts! Lost in translation? Not anymore!

In fact, Chat Assist can translate texts into 17 different languages (including variations) —without needing an active Internet connection! You just need to download the language packs in the beginning, and you’ll be able to communicate globally! It’s readily accessible via the Galaxy AI icon on the Samsung keyboard, so you can use it with a myriad of chat applications, including WhatsApp and Google Chat.

Besides that, Chat Assist also helps check and remodel your texts, offering a variety of tones suitable for diverse contexts. Ever sent a text with an embarrassing typo or grammatical mistake to an important client? With Chat Assist, that’s no longer a you problem. 

Moreover, you can also tailor the tone of your text to ensure effective communication! Galaxy AI offers a spectrum of styles, from Professional to Casual, allowing you to inject the appropriate vibe into your messages. It's like having a personal editor at your fingertips, ensuring your tone is just right.

How to Enable Chat Assist

  1. Head into the AI Settings on your Galaxy S24 series through Settings.
  2. Tap on Advanced Features > Advanced Intelligence.
  3. Activate Chat Translation in the Samsung Keyboard settings.
  4. Don’t forget to the required languages within the Settings app as well!

How to Enable Style and Grammar Recommendations:

  1. Go to Samsung Keyboard settings from the Advanced Intelligence menu.
  2. Enable the Style and Grammar feature to let Chat Assist provide tone, spelling, and grammar suggestions.

How to Use Chat Assist

Now that you’ve got everything set up, it’s time to witness the magic of Galaxy AI. Chat Assist is easily accessible through the Samsung Keyboard. It’s literally at the tip of your fingers!


I know every language now 😤 Samsung's new Galaxy AI comes with LIVE Chat Translation which is going to make everyone a language expert! This allows you to type out a message in your language and have it translate in real-time with just a tap of a button. Works with upto 17 languages at launch. #galaxyai #samsung #s24ultra #chattranslation #ai #tech

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  1. Draft your message in English (or your desired language) in the Messages app on your Galaxy S24 series.
  2. Tap the Galaxy AI icon above the keyboard and select Chat Translation.
  3. Watch as it's seamlessly translated into your desired language, ready to be sent!

With the Galaxy AI Chat Assist, your new Galaxy S24 series is more than just a smartphone. It's a tool that empowers you to communicate more effectively, irrespective of linguistic or geographical barriers. Whether you're closing deals, exploring new cultures, or simply keeping in touch with a diverse group of friends, the Galaxy S24 series is designed to elevate your chat game to unparalleled heights!

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[This article was written in collaboration with Samsung Malaysia]

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