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Samsung Galaxy AI

This Is How Galaxy AI On The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Makes Your Life Better!

I got 99 problems but my phone ain’t one!

Instead of just coming out with more and more complicated hardware that no regular person would ever need or use, this year’s Samsung Galaxy S24 series actually solves problems. With Galaxy AI, the Galaxy S24 is smarter than ever before. 

It's no longer just about bells and whistles in the camera; it's about making your day-to-day life smoother, simpler, and more efficient in just about every aspect.

But how, exactly, does Galaxy AI help in your everyday life?

Circle to Search with Google

Problem: Inefficient and tedious process of switching between apps to search for specific information

Ever seen a cool outfit or item while on TikTok or YouTube that you’d like? Reverse image search is certainly useful, but before this, you’d have to pause the video, grab a screenshot, and then switch over to another app to look it up.  It’s a huge hassle, especially if you are in the middle of an interesting video.

Solution: Circle to Search with Google allows users to search from any screen with a simple gesture, eliminating the need to navigate between different applications.


Samsung just introduced Circle To Search with the brand new S24 series, and its going to blow your mind! With this simple yet genius AI feature, you can simply press and hold the home button to activate the circle to search overlay. Then simply draw a circle around whatever you want to look up and BAM, you're done. Oh, and it works for videos as well, essentially ANYTHING displayed on your screen can be used within circle to search. #galaxyai #samsung #s24 #s24ultra #circletosearch #tech

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Circle to Search with Google turns the tedious task of app-switching into a thing of the past. Imagine you're reading an article and stumble upon a term you're not familiar with. Instead of closing the app, finding a browser, and typing in your query, you simply long-press the home button, draw a circle around the term right there on the screen—and voilà! The information you need appears instantly, without the hassle of navigating away from your current task.

Call Assist

Problem: Language barriers during phone conversations, especially when conversing with foreign friends/partners

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, the world’s never been smaller; nowadays, you can speak to just about any person of any nationality over social media as if they were right in front of you. 

Despite that, the language barrier still exists. Every culture and community has their own ways of communicating—and while every language is beautiful, it still makes it rather hard to branch out between countries if neither parties can understand one another.

Solution: Call Assist provides real-time translation during phone calls, ensuring smooth communication between individuals speaking different languages.


Samsung's new Galaxy AI LIVE real-time call translation feature blew my mind! Real time translation for upto 17 languages. Imagine travel now? Its going to be so much easier to communicate and get this done on your own without having the hassle of translation! #galaxyai #samsung #s24ultra #livecalltranslation #samsungtranslation

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Call Assist is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket. When you're on the phone and language differences start to feel like a towering wall, Call Assist seamlessly translates the conversation in real time, ensuring that you're connected and understood, no matter where you are or who you're talking to.

Most importantly, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use Call Assist! All you have to do is download the language pack beforehand, and you’ll be able to speak to just about anyone over the phone!

Galaxy AI Call Assist currently supports 13 languages, including variations.

Chat Assist

Problem: Difficulty in understanding and responding to text messages in different languages.

The Internet is primarily a textual space: most of the information we get is through reading, be it through reading a website like Wikipedia or just texting. Just like speaking with someone over the phone, language barriers also exist in text.

While translation apps like Google Translate exist, it’s still rather troublesome to have to copy the text, switch to another app, and paste the text into another app.

Solution: Chat Assist automatically translates text messages from social media apps, helps rewrite and recompose text in different tones, and runs spelling and grammar checks.

With Chat Assist, the world of social media has become a smaller, friendlier place. When a message pops up in a language you don't speak, Chat Assist quietly translates it, allowing you to understand and reply without skipping a beat. It's like having a multilingual friend by your side, ready to help out at any moment.

And good news for socially awkward people like me: Chat Assist doesn’t just translate your texts; it can also help you come up with responses in different tones so you don’t have to wrack your brains just trying to come up with something!

Note Assist

Problem: Disorganization of handwritten notes, making it challenging to retrieve and understand information.

Everyone has their own way of taking notes, and it’s not always the most organized way. Just ask my colleagues: my shorthand notes are so fragmented and messy that it even confuses me sometimes. 

There are also instances where we get very long notes with a lot of information. In these cases, it takes a lot of time and effort just to break down everything into easy-to-understand pieces for future use.

Solution: Note Assist converts handwritten notes into text, summarizes content, and offers templates based on note styles, streamlining note organization and making them more accessible.

Therefore, Note Assist is perhaps one of my favourite Galaxy AI features ever: it can summarize long content, format messy notes into something more legible, and even convert handwritten notes into text!

In short, Note Assist takes the mess out of your chaotic notes. Whether you're jotting down thoughts during a meeting or sketching out your next big idea, Note Assist digitizes your handwriting, organizes your notes, and even summarizes the key points, making it easy to find and use the information later!

Photo Assist

Problem: Complexity and time consumption in photo editing using external applications.

Confession time: I never really understood how Photoshop works. There are just so many tools and options and layers and whatnot that my brain just straight up melts. Because of this, I’ve only ever done basic photo editing like removing background and cropping.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. Photo editing can be daunting at times, but it’s often the only thing that stands between “IG Stories” and actual, professional-looking photos. However, there’s a very steep learning curve to learning proper photo editing, especially if you need to manipulate the image like removing or adding objects.

Solution: Photo Assist enables easy photo editing directly from the gallery with features like Generative Edit and Remaster, simplifying the editing process and addressing common photo imperfections.


Samsung's new Galaxy AI camera features are going to make you insanely creative! From object removal, shadow/reflection removal, Generative fill, it can do it all. What’re you going to se it for? #galaxyai #samsung #s24ultra #generativefill #s24

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Even though we said in the introduction that the Samsung Galaxy S24 is no longer just focusing on the camera aspect, it’s still some of the best camera smartphones out there—made a lot smarter, in fact.

Photo Assist brings professional-level photo editing to your fingertips. Forget about transferring photos to your computer or navigating complicated editing software—with features like Generative Edit and Remaster, you can transform your photos directly from your gallery, ensuring that every shot is picture-perfect, even if it wasn’t snapped perfectly in the first place!

It’s clear that the Galaxy S24 with Galaxy AI was designed with a specific mission: to tackle every pain point in your digital routine. Nothing is there just for the sake of one-upping the competitor: the Samsung Galaxy S24 is actually a smart smartphone now!

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[This article was written in collaboration with Samsung Malaysia]

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