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Samsung Galaxy S24

New to Galaxy AI? Here Are Five Things You Should Know About It

Might just let the robots take over

Ah, artificial intelligence, you either hate it or love it (or maybe have neutral opinions of it). With the introduction of Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, many nifty functions can be used to make daily life more convenient. We’ve managed to try out some of the functions ourselves, so without further ado, here are five things you should know about Galaxy AI.

Circle to Search with Google

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: Hmm, all this going back and forth between apps just to search for a particular item is tedious, then boy is this going to excite you (it did for us). Circle to Search with Google is one of the extensively highlighted features of the new Galaxy S24 series, and trust us when we say it’s pretty revolutionary.

With just a simple gesture, you’ll be able to search for information from any screen you’re on! It even works within the Camera app, and you don’t even have to take a picture to use Circle to Search with Google. 

The possibilities of using Circle to Search with Google are endless, whether it’s finding the name and recipe for a certain dish, or using it to translate a funny one-liner from your favourite K-pop idol’s Instagram post. You’ll even be recommended information that’s most accessible to your region, providing even more convenience to your search!

Call Assist

Let’s say you’re in a foreign country, and you’d like to make a reservation from one of the best-rated restaurants in the area. But oh no! The person on the other end of the line only speaks one language. Well, Call Assist has the function of Live Translate, allowing you to have barrier-free communication.


Samsung's new Galaxy AI LIVE real-time call translation feature blew my mind! Real time translation for upto 17 languages. Imagine travel now? Its going to be so much easier to communicate and get this done on your own without having the hassle of translation! #galaxyai #samsung #s24ultra #livecalltranslation #samsungtranslation

♬ original sound - ProductNation 🇲🇾 - ProductNation 🇲🇾

You’ll be able to speak in your native tongue and get it translated in real-time and broadcast to the other party almost instantly. A transcript will be displayed in both original and translated languages, ensuring communication remains clear throughout the conversation, 

The best part is that only one person needs to own a device with supported Galaxy AI, and both parties will be able to get a live translation of what the other is saying!

Chat Assist

Another super cool thing about Galaxy AI is the Chat Assist feature. One of the main highlights of this feature is the ability to automatically translate text messages from social media apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

It can even suggest different writing styles for you to choose from, whether you’d want to keep a conversation casual or rev up your social skills and send a fun text, Chat Assist has you covered!

It’s extremely convenient to translate incoming (and previous) texts in real time without having to switch back and forth between apps, as you’ll be able to respond quickly to chats written in other languages with little hassle. 

If you’re ever placed in a group chat with two or more different languages used, then Chat Assist can help you cut down the time needed to individually translate each text on external apps and reply to them instantly!

Note Assist

This one goes out to all the organised mess people – Note Assist can help you efficiently (and magically) organise your notes into something more understandable! From converting your handwritten notes into text and then summarising them, Note Assist is an extremely helpful feature coming from Galaxy AI.

It’s even smart enough to be able to identify the style of your notes, whether it’s meeting minutes or a story draft, and will provide different templates for you to choose from. With as simple as a quick sweep through your notes, it can turn a messy and hastily written note into something that can be shared with others.

Whether you’re a reporter who needs to quickly record your story piece, or if you’re a student in a lecture hall, Note Assist truly helps make organisation so much easier!

Photo Assist

Lastly, thanks to Galaxy AI, photo editing just became a breeze. With the introduction of Photo Assist, you can easily edit your photos directly from your gallery without an external application. You’d be able to use features like Generative Edit and Remaster, giving your shots a little tweak to amp up the wow factor.

Whether it’s correcting a crooked photo and fixing up the cut-off edges around a photo, or simply circling an object to remove it, Generative Edit will help use AI to help you make the necessary corrections to your photo.

As for Remaster, it will subtly help you adjust your lighting condition post-shot, ensuring you have crisp HD pictures with the best possible minimal edits applied, all with the click of one button!

All in all, many interesting innovations come with the introduction and execution of Galaxy AI, and they can genuinely improve a user’s experience with AI. If you don’t believe us, why not try it out for yourself on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series?

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