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Champagne Carbon Bolide for Bugatti from L-R_ ƎB.01, ƎB.02, ƎB.03.jpg

Champagne Carbon & LamboCellar Host Exclusive Champagne Showcase

Party with some stylish bubblies!

Renowned for its fusion of tradition and innovation, Champagne Carbon joined forces with LamboCellar, Malaysia’s top distributor of fine wines and spirits, to host a luxurious evening of champagne artistry. 

The event was attended by media luminaries, tastemakers, and discerning connoisseurs, unveiling the latest additions to the Champagne Carbon collection: the Carbon ƎB.03 Bolide for Bugatti and Carbon Cuvée Sunset White Luminous, exemplifying sophistication in champagne.

Champagne Carbon ƎB.03 Bolide for Bugatti_04.jpeg

Established in 2011, Champagne Carbon has consistently pushed the boundaries of the champagne experience, blending traditional craftsmanship with unique bottle designs. Each bottle undergoes a meticulous 37-step process to wrap it in carbon, ensuring the champagne is shielded from light to preserve its exquisite taste. 

Dato’ Jason Yap, Group Chief Executive Officer of LamboCellar, expressed his excitement for the collaboration, highlighting LamboCellar's commitment to providing exceptional champagnes to the Malaysian market.

Dato' Jason Yap, Group CEO of LamboCellar & Alexandre Mea, CEO of Champagne Carbon.JPG

Alexandre Mea, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Champagne Carbon, underscored the brand's dedication to creativity and gastronomy, stating, "With the launch of these two labels, we aim to offer an unparalleled experience for our consumers, providing a new way to discover champagne." 

Reflecting on the latest additions, Mea described the Carbon ƎB.03 Bolide for Bugatti as a fusion of cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and celebration spirit. At the same time, the Carbon Cuvée Sunset White Luminous embodies tradition merged with contemporary flair, setting new standards for sophistication.

Champagne Carbon Bolide for Bugatti from L-R_ ƎB.01, ƎB.02, ƎB.03.jpg

Guests savoured the opportunity to taste the unique profiles of the Carbon ƎB.03 Bolide for Bugatti and Carbon Cuvée Sunset White Luminous, experiencing firsthand the artistry and innovation behind Champagne Carbon's creations.

Here are the key champagne highlights:

  • Champagne Carbon ƎB.03 Bolide for Bugatti – This special edition champagne captures the essence of Bugatti with its sleek design and opulent flavour profile. It features a dual-tone carbon fibre bottle and a powerful vintage Blanc de Blancs, opening with scents of citrus and spring flowers, followed by a creamy, velvety texture. The striking aesthetic is complemented by Bolide’s signature X motif on both sides.
Champagne Carbon Sunset White_02.jpg
  • Champagne Carbon Cuvée Sunset White Luminous – Ideal for summer celebrations, this champagne offers a complex profile with the addition of mint leaves for a touch of playfulness. Known for its captivating radiance, it adds an enchanting touch to every celebration, presented in an exquisite carbon fibre vessel.
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