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OPPO Pad Neo Review

Review: OPPO Pad Neo—Tablet On A Budget

It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a budget tablet.

OPPO is known for their budget devices that give you value for your money. This year, they’re starting off strong with the OPPO Pad Neo, launched quietly in January 2024. Priced at only RM1,199, what does this budget Android tablet offer?


Elevate your work with the OPPO Pad Neo: Your ultimate work & play partner! Featuring: - Industry-first 11.4" 2.4K ReadFit Screen - Immersive Quad-speakers with Dolby Atmos® - All-day battery life - Seamless cross-device connectivity and so much more! #OPPOPadNeo #oppo #tablets #androidtablet #tech

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Design & Display

The Oppo Pad Neo has a pretty sturdy build, though I wasn’t a big fan of the central camera placed on the back. It looks a little unsettling, especially when the camera is so large, but that might be something that just needs some getting used to. 

The back panel is a mix of both glossy and matte textures, which is a rather strange design choice. The upper part, where the camera sits, is glossy, while the rest of the panel is matte, which is great because it doesn’t retain fingerprints as much.

On the display front, the OPPO Pad Neo features an 11.4-inch 2.4K ReadFit screen, which is less harsh on the eyes if you’re planning to use it for long periods. I also liked the 7:5 aspect ratio, which was much nicer to read on as it’s closer to the aspect ratio of an A5 paperback. 

The display quality is crisp, with decent colours and brightness for what it’s worth. Not exactly breathtaking, but we’ll take what we get at this price point.


The OPPO Pad Neo runs on the trusty MediaTek Helio G99, which performed just as well as it did on some budget to midrange smartphones. Combined with the 6GB RAM, the OPPO Pad Neo is a pretty good daily driver.

It’s even good enough for some decent gaming, though not quite Genshin Impact level. It does run Genshin Impact, but only on low graphics settings and only if you don’t mind some minimal lagging.

On the whole, though, the OPPO Pad Neo makes for a pretty decent entertainment tablet. The audio system is also pretty great for watching movies, featuring quad speakers enhanced with Dolby Atmos.

Every brand has their own ecosystem, and OPPO is no different. The OPPO Pad Neo also features a suite of seamless cross-device connectivity features, enhancing productivity by allowing you to share and sync easily between OPPO devices. If you already have an OPPO smartphone, then this tablet is probably the best choice for you.


You’re probably not buying a tablet for its camera, so it’s not surprising that the OPPO Pad Neo’s cameras are a little disappointing. Equipped with an 8MP camera both back and front, the OPPO Pad Neo really doesn’t take the best photos. Results are often grainy and lack of detail.


One of the most impressive features of the OPPO Pad Neo is its full-day battery life. It managed to last me a little over a day with constant use (mainly reading and browsing the Internet).

Our Score

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add_circle Nice screen
add_circle Long battery life
add_circle 7:5 aspect ratio
remove_circle Disappointing cameras
The OPPO Pad Neo is a well-rounded budget Android tablet that is great for entertainment. The unique ReadFit screen, Quad-speakers with Dolby Atmos, long battery life, and seamless connectivity make it a great choice for those looking for a good tablet that won’t break the bank.
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