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Carl Pei Announces CMF by Nothing - Their Latest Sub-brand That Offers More Affordable Devices!

Could this finally bridge the gap between affordability and quality?

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Nothing has recently released the latest in their smartphone family, the Nothing Phone (2). While it was a marvellous device with a design to behold, it isn't exactly the most affordable phone, setting one back by approximately RM3,999 in Malaysia—much to the disappointment of fans.  

The reality is, most smartphones and devices today aren’t cheap, and the ones that are just lack that little something. While there are loads of affordable options in the market, there is no guarantee that they will hold up and last as long as their more expensive counterparts. This is exactly what inspired Nothing to introduce their sub-brand: CMF by Nothing.

A few days ago, Carl Pei introduced CMF — an acronym for Colour, Material, and Finish — to us on their YouTube channel. According to him, it was created to bring consumers more inexpensive options that ensure good quality. In the same video, they mentioned that products that come from CMF will feature clean designs, trusted quality and will be more accessible to consumers. 

As of the time of writing, CMF by Nothing has announced the pending release of new earbuds and a smartwatch in India, with no confirmation on the release date or whether the sub-brand will be coming to Malaysia with the same or similar offerings.

It would be interesting to see if Nothing can still keep up their interesting and edgy design philosophy with an affordable price tag—or even the definition of what Nothing constitutes as affordable, really. 

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