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Shopee 5.5 Coins Carnival Sale

Shopee 5.5 Sale Malaysia 2024 - Everything You Need To Know About The Sale

Maybe try not to shop till you drop

As we enter the month of May, we may have some things to buy on our minds or have added to our wishlist. Thanks to the upcoming Shopee 5.5 sale, it will lower the price of the items on the website, which makes it easier for us to acquire the item we want or need. From now until 5th May 2024, get discounts and deals on Shopee items you’ve had your eyes on! 

Before you shop, make sure you also collect other Shopee Bank Promos, Shopee voucher codes & promos!

Note: This article will be constantly updated until the end of the campaign, so keep checking back for more!

Free Shipping 

No sale is incomplete without discounted shipping vouchers. Just head to Shopee mobile app and claim the RM5 off shipping voucher, then use them before the time limit ends.

If not, there's the monthly Free Shipping vouchers that offers you RM3 off the delivery fee.

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12PM Super Seringgit Deals

The early bird certainly catches the worm. In this case, it's the hardworking birds that gets discounts! Make sure to log in everyday at 12PM until 5th May to look out for deals as low as RM1!

They may not be big treasures such as a handphone, but you can grab everyday household items like toothbrushes and all at those prices.

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Voucher Hunt - Super Seringgit Deals

Speaking of which; for more exclusive vouchers to enhance your spending power, watch out for clues of 4 codes, which you can then combine all 4 to reveal a code to redeem the special voucher.

The vouchers are useable on 5th May 2024.

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Mega Midnight Madness

At midnight on 5th May itself, mini campaigns to collect more dicounts and cashback coins will be available for grabs! Maybe it's best to get some rest before you shop so you can be ahead of the game.

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15% Cashback Hours

If midnight shopping is not want you fancy, then go shopping at 8PM daily, as you can earn extra cashback worth up to RM320; kind of like getting the opportunity to earn extra money from Shopee and knock off a few more Ringgit from your total bill. The rate is currently 100 cashback coins = RM1.

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5.5 Only Vouchers 

With the Shopee 5.5 sales, you can enjoy deals when you managed to snatch these 5.5 only vouchers. They are worth up to RM30 off and are limited, so claim them quickly!

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May 2024 Exclusive Vouchers

The 5th of May 2024 isn't the only time you can snag good voucher deals. Useable throughout the whole month, these May vouchers are worth up to RM25 off with just RM150 of minimum spend. That's about 16% off, still not a bad deal!

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15 Days Return, No Questions Asked

Sometimes online shopping just does not go the way we want it to be. That's okay, Shopee says you can return an item (specific) if you ever change your mind about them or have doubts over the quality. This way, you can shop peacefully and not feel as if you are taken advantaged of.

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More to come

Shopee is still not done with what's in store. So mark your calendars and check back here for the latest update.
You can also simply click on the 'Reminder' tabs on the banners when you're in Shopee in order not to miss out on any great deals. Have a good Raya and as usual, don't forget to check out these Shopee promo codes before you hit checkout!

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