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toshiba z770 review price in malaysia

We Try The Ultimate 4K Toshiba TV Z770 For Football & Gaming So You Don't Have To.

Is it possible to enjoy fast-paced content on this Toshiba TV?

We recently got to experience the Ultimate 4K Toshiba TV Z770. It’s the highest end of the Toshiba 4K TV Series, dedicated to giving you the absolute best football viewing experience. If you’ve been following the FIFA World Cup recently and lamented about blurry visuals and pixelated playback, maybe you should consider one to watch the replays.

At 65”, the 4K 120Hz TV is fine-tuned and designed in Japan from inside to out. The super-thin bezel adds an elegant touch to the TV. It supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced to give you an absolutely immersive audio and video experience no matter what you’re watching — yes, including sports matches!

In conjunction with real-world happenings, we’ve decided to test the TV out with none other than FIFA 2022.

To take maximum advantage of whatever the TV offers in terms of HDR and refresh rates, we hooked it up to a PS5 and played a variety of games. Here's what we thought of when it comes to viewing fast-paced content on the Ultima 4K Toshiba TV Z770.

FIFA Games On The Ultimate 4K Toshiba TV Z770

Really See Everything, All The Time

At first glance, the game looks absolutely incredible, especially when you activate the Football Mode. The colours are simply amazing, thanks to the Quantum Dot Colour technology that Toshiba TV integrated into the Z770, which can precisely reproduce over one billion shades of colours.

Driving all these features is the powerful REGZA Engine 4K Pro processor, Toshiba TV's high-performance 4K engines that gives you all the stunning pictures.

Toshiba TV has put a lot of thought into how the TV performs in different rooms and environments, especially for those that have a lot of natural light. The screen is non-glare with minimum reflection, giving you the best viewing experience at any time of the day. All this is further enhanced by Toshiba TV's iCare Blue Technology which reduces blue light remittance and flickering images to avoid eye fatigue and damage.

When we first turned the Toshiba TV on, we were pleasantly surprised by how bright the Toshiba TV was. This is due to the HDR 10+ feature that makes the Z770 incredibly immersive.

Complementing the HDR 10+ was also Toshiba TV's Ultimate Peak Brightness feature which offers a max brightness of 1000 nits. This means being able to get well-contrasted yet evenly-lit scenes no matter the surrounding lighting.

Therefore, placing it even near a window with bright light coming in through is not going to affect the viewing experience at all, as it gets bright enough to allow for a pleasant experience in darker games like Red Dead Redemption. We really felt the immersion thanks to the HDR.

While the FIFA games might not really need the 120Hz, there are other games that we tried out on the TV that go up to 120Hz, including Call of Duty and the new Modern Warfare 2. The performance was absolutely amazing. Even at 120 Hz, the games were super smooth and everything was perfect. It was as close to a PC experience as we could get on a console.

We also noticed that when gaming, the colours were really good. The Full Array Local Dimming that controls the brightness of individual zones worked really well, adding a decent contrast into the darker areas of the game, no matter which game we were playing.

Trying Out Toshiba's Notable TV Football Mode

The FIFA World Cup has ended, but that doesn’t mean that football season is over. The Toshiba TV Z770 has a dedicated Football Mode that allows the TV to show the motion of fast-moving objects and subjects clearly as well as optimising the pitch colours and lighting.

Essentially, it cleans up the image of ghosting, restores grass textures, and makes the lighting feel a lot more like you’re actually there in the crowd watching the game. Never lose sight of the ball again!

We Don't Have A Full Entertainment System, So Testing Audio Was Concerning

Visuals aside, we've also heard a lot about Toshiba TV's REGZA Power Audio Pro+ system, which the Z770 is equipped with.

Said audio system is essentially a combo of a 30W “Quad Passive BAZOOKA Bass Woofer” and dual 25W “clear direct speakers”. The powerful speakers are tuned by their own amplifier to reproduce sound worthy of getting your toes curled when you watch a horror movie, or mellow down when you tune in to an orchestra. 

Lo and behold, we found the Z770 to have an impressive sound system as well. And we give thanks to Toshiba TV for having its clear direct speaker positioned in the front of the TV, also known as the front-firing speaker. 

Additionally, the Quad Passive BAZOOKA Bass Woofer is great for surround sound so you can kind of live off of it without a sound system or even a soundbar.

We were blown away by the quality, especially when you score a goal and the crowd goes crazy and starts cheering. You could actually feel the vibration in your chest thanks to that subwoofer. It really makes you feel like you’re in the action.

Full On Game Mode

Speaking of gaming, when the TV was connected to the PS5, the TV activates the Game Mode that allows you to toggle the HDR feature for low-latency mode, great for competitive games where an instant response is important. Not only that, but the TV also comes with AMD Freesync Premium, so that should explain the superior HDR features.

For us, personally, Netflix and gaming were our primary uses for the TV. We had a great time playing FIFA 2022 and Call of Duty on the TV. Red Dead Redemption was the best, thanks to HDR.

The best part of it all is that this is still an Android Smart TV, so you get access to Google Play Store applications, Chromecast, YouTube, Netflix — basically everything you need in a TV.

The TV’s remote control has shortcut buttons to the above applications as well. Everything you want to watch can be accessed at the touch of a finger.

You can also activate Google Voice Search right on the remote control itself with the dedicated button. If that’s not your style, the Z770 also has a Far-Field Voice microphone that allows you to control the TV via voice commands as well.

Buy: Ultimate 4K Toshiba TV Z770 in Malaysia

Check Toshiba Z770 65-inch TV (65Z770KP) price below:
add_circle Has dedicated viewing modes such as Football, Gaming and Cinema
add_circle Brilliant display and colours
add_circle Good sound system

If you’re a sports enthusiast, this is definitely THE TV for you. It doesn’t get any better than a specific mode called Football Mode that is tuned specifically for fans that enjoy watching sports content or playing sports games. Thanks to the HDR 10+ feature, the graphics just look stunning on the TV. Plus, the sound system definitely makes it one of the best-sounding TVs around.

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