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dreame vacuum trade in

Dreame Malaysia Launches Vacuum Trade-in Program To Help Reduce Environmental Impacts

New robot vacuum? Yes please!

If you're picturing a self-cleaning robot vacuum in your home, now is the time! 

Dreame Malaysia is organising a Trade-in Program for Dreame W Series – Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop from 15 October 2022 until 30 November 2022!

What is The Dreame Vacuum Trade-In Program?

Since vacuum cleaners are frequently disposed of in trash cans, this trade-in program aims to educate consumers on the best way of vacuum cleaner disposal without harming the environment. Thanks to a proper disposal channel, we can build a greener environment together. 

Not only that; you can bring any of your old vacuums to the nearest Dreame Authorised Dealer Store and get an exclusive RM500 instant rebate for any purchase of the Dreame W Series. For early birds, you will get a complimentary Dreame W Series Cleaning Kit worth RM399.

Dreame W Vacuums: High Intelligent Self-Cleaning Features

The Dreame W Series can study the house's layout and clean it efficiently with its LiDAR navigation to avoid obstacles. This feature enables the vacuum to automatically recognise the room type and adjusts cleaning automatically.  

Meanwhile, The Dreame Bot W10 Pro is equipped with advanced obstacle avoidance with AI Action technology. Using the AI camera on the front of the robot vacuum, it can accurately estimate the obstacles’ size and position including cables.

This super intelligent series of Dreame robot vacuums make it suitable for all household needs from busy mother, chef, pet owner, and outdoorsy to working adult. Simply program the vacuum to mop or clean the house every day and you're good to go. 

For more details on Dreame vacuum cleaners, visit www.dreame.my to learn more about its incredible features.  

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